Tuesday, June 05, 2012

A Better Sunset Ride from Bennett

A long and busy day at work today, I was ready for a nice long ride after dinner!

I chose to head out on Quincy Road east and north towards the town of Bennett and it's large grain silos, thinking they'd make for a good photo subject.

There was a strong wind blowing in a north-westerly directly that kept trying to shove me and Valencia over the road's center line but it amounted to no major issues.  On two wheels though, I think the ride would have been more than interesting.

I arrived at Bennet, at the beginning of the "Golden Hour", that time of day when the sun casts everything in a very mellow yellow light.

 On Quincy Road, I liked the way the setting sun cast light on
the power lines, making them look like spider web lines.

The older and smaller of the grain silos in Bennett, CO

As the sun was sinking lower and lower into the horizon, I rode on back towards Quincy Road via CO79 and ended up just in time to pose Valencia in the empty parking lot of the Aurora Race Track which is located near the Aurora Reservoir.

You know how you shoot many pictures in the hopes one or two shots will come out OK and usable?  The motorcycling gods must have been smiling upon me and Valencia this evening because I had several very nice shots come out.  I've been, for several years now, been trying to get that perfect sunset silhouette shot of the motorcycle against the setting sun.

I give you Valencia, and a gorgeous Colorado Sunset:

 At the start of the shooting, my Panasonic Lumix in "Sunset" Mode

 A broader view of the sunset a few minutes later
Still in "sunset" mode with the camera.

 The above was shot in HDR "Art" mode
I retouched it a bit more as well

The sun has set and the after glow is still quite bright in the sky

Here's one of the earlier shots, heavily retouched
to get the burning sun effect.....

As I was riding away from the race track, the after glow effect of the sun light coming now from below the horizon served to continue the beautiful light show all the way home:

I hope you liked the sunset shots, for me it was quite the sunset ride.  I hope you got in a good ride today as well!


BeemerGirl said...

All lovely photos, but my favorite is the first sunset with Valencia's silhouette. A successful outing in search of sunsets.

Howard said...

Great silhouette shots.

Unknown said...


I liked those silhouettes devoid of human interaction. Being in the city I have no where to go with "space". You must get off work early. By the time I get home there is not enough time to go anywhere to catch the sunset

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Jack Riepe said...

Dear Chrlie6 (Dom):

Each of the first three shots (unretouched) offers a level of drama that one expects to find in commercial photography. I'd be willing to bet that the folks at Ural might have a use for one of these pictures.

I am still grounded, with my legs in bandages. The good news is that my right leg is virtually recovered, and the same is expected for the left within two weeks, thought it will be some time before I am up and riding again.

I envy your time on the road.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

redlegsrides said...

Thanks to you all for your nice comments.

Bob, the sun doesn't set around here till close to 8:30 PM, you don't get home before that?

Lately, I've been working 0630-1630 so yeah, I get off in the late afternoon.....

Bluekat said...

Wow! These are gorgeous!