Saturday, October 15, 2011

Short ride near Elkhorn Ranch

To the east of where I live, there are rolling, windswept grassy plains which pretty much describes eastern Colorado's terrain features.

Straight county roads, allow one to ride along with minimal steering attention required, and allow one's mind to unwind from the weekly issues.  Nothing to think about but the purring of one's motorcycle engine, feeling the wind hitting you gently and enjoying the smoothness of the road.

I saw a sign for a housing development called Elkhorn Ranch and turned onto the paved road leading into it in a winding manner which motorcyclists find attractive.

The houses are of the McMansion size and the signs said they came with five acres of land.  No trees mind you as these are the eastern plains but if windswept grassy plains are your thing, you should check it out.

I wandered about, letting the road take me where it would, just enjoying the views of the distant front range mountains and the warm temperatures brought along by the gentle winds.   I spotted a grove of trees at one point which were in the process of changing into their fall colors and stopped Brigitta for pictures.

I am on call for work this weekend, so this was a short ride.  Too soon, I was back home.  Hopefully, I'll be able to arrange for a co-worker to "cover for me" tomorrow for a longer ride.


SonjaM said...

Hello, long time no see, Brigitta. Dom, I am glad you took the Beemer out for a change. I was imagining her moping in the far corner of the garage for being neglected so long.

The changing colours of the trees are simply marvelous.

FATTKAW said...

WOW that top pic almost looks fake!!

Charlie6 said...

Thanks Sonja, but fear not, Brigitta is my mainstay commuter these days, so long as the weather is nice.

Fattkaw, not fake but tweaked.

irondad said...

Great fall foilage. Got to take some photos of my own pretty soon before it's all gone. Glad to see you aren't totally gone to the hack side!