Saturday, October 08, 2011

Early Snow

We, in my experience, here in the Denver Metro Area, don't usually get our first snow fall till about the third week in October.

Today we woke to rain which turned to wet snow.  It was melting almost immediately as it hit the streets of my neighborhood but in areas with heavier snow fall, it was collecting on the road, as slush.

Needless to say, I rode out on Yoshie, my Suzuki V-Strom/Dauntless Sidecar Rig to see how she'd do in the stuff!

I layered up and rode into pretty heavy snow falling, it was melting fast but still caused me vision issues as I'd forgotten to swap in my visor with the fog shield.

Still, quite the enjoyable ride.  I got onto Quincy Road and rode it out east to the road which leads one to the Youth Correctional Facility.

As you can see, not much accumulation so not much of a test of the tires and the rig itself.  I am hoping more snow will come throughout the day and actually build up as snow, not slush.

I now have the fogshield visor on my helmet, a fresh coat of pledge on the outside of said visor.  My cold weather gloves are drying and it's 34°F outside.  Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.


SonjaM said...

Dom, you may have all the snow you want ;-) I rather prefer dry roads and milder temperatures though. Safe riding with Yoshie.

RichardM said...

Not so lucky. We got drizzle this morning which froze on the roads. Colder weather and snow would have been preferable to the thin layer of ice. It should be melted shortly though.


bobskoot said...


I can also give you all the snow you need. We usually don't get snow until January, although it does go down to freezing.

Riding the Wet Coast

Gary France said...

Not many people I know look forward to snow so they can go for a ride on their bikes.  I can think of two of you strange people who do that!  Did you do a snow-dance to welcome the arrival of autumn?

Allen Madding said...

Glad to see you got the rig on the road and got some time in the saddle enjoying it. Wishing you better service with this one!


Troubadour said...

Bah, snow! You can keep it. Although it is pretty cool to see a bike and sidecar tearing it up out there. Looking forward to more photos like this. Remember it's not all go but stopping too, have fun and ride safe.