Sunday, October 23, 2011

More riding on the Switzerland Trail

When I rode the Switzerland Trail the first time at the beginning of October, I failed to do realized at the time that  I had ridden but a small portion of this trail.

Today, I set out to remedy that situation.  Got a late start but by 11:30 or so I had traversed the Denver Metro Area using the I-25 and US36 Slabs, getting on CO 119 as I exited the SW portion of the PRB or People's Republic of Boulder as it is locally known.  I took this to the turnoff for Sugar Loaf Mountain Road and soon found the next turnoff that would put me on the southern end of the Switzerland Trail.

The trail is an old narrow-gauge railroad bed I am told.  The condition of the trail is very rocky on long stretches, with lots of loose fist-sized sharp-edged rocks to make one's transit through them "interesting".   I only grounded the rig once since I was taking it easy.  Not much in the way of views as one is bordered by pine forests on both sides of the trail.  The trail is cut on the side of the mountains and it winds it's way northwards towards Left Hand Canyon Road or Boulder County Rd 118.

On the Switzerland Trail

I still managed to miss a small portion of the trail darn it.  At its junction with Boulder County Rd 118, it splits off and heads northwards to CO 52 or Gold Hill Road.  I turned westwards without noticing I'd left the Switzerland Trail and getting onto Left Hand Canyon Drive.  I ended up shortly at the old mining town of Wall Street.

 The Assay Office in the small settlement of Wall Street

A bit of history on the town.

Soon after Wall Street, I came to the junction of the road and Four Mile Canyon Road.  I turned left onto Four Mile Canyon Road and soon I was nearing the town of Gold Hill.  

 Fall Colors are still quite beautiful in spots all along the Front Range 
These two were of a spot just south of Gold Hill, CO

At Gold Hill, I kept on going north on CO Hwy 89 or Lickskillet Road.  This is a very steep dirt road leading one down (swiftly) towards its junction with Left Hand Canyon Road.  I turned towards Boulder at this point as I thought I'd completely covered the Switzerland Trail.  

I transited the PRB and took CO93 south towards Denver.  Just past the junction of  CO93 and CO72 (Coal Creek Canyon Road), one can see a remarkable looking ridgeline of exposed rocks.  I've tried several times to capture a good view of it and today was the day.  I found a small driveway just off CO93 and ventured a bit into someone's driveway to get these shots.

Pano version of the first shot of Yoshie and the Ridgeline

Got home by 3:30 PM, Yoshie continues to do great on these rides with no perceivable chain-stretching issues.

Snow is expected on Wednesday of this week, so if my fellow inhabitants of the Denver Metro Area didn't go riding this weekend, they might be out of luck for the near future.


motoroz said...

The colors at this time of year are so spectacular. Great photos again. The more I read on this blog the more I really want a dual sport or sidecar so that I can get away from the masses and see the out-of-the-way places. Thanks for sharing.

bobskoot said...


I miss those colours too. When we had our Jeep we used to travel on many dirt/gravel roads in the interior of our Province. I am still hesitant to take my 'Strom there, as you need two people to lift it.

thanks for your tip, I have changed to R3 mode and the video is much smoother. Also they have just released the GoProHD hero 2, which will have remote control available soon, plus it has LEDs on all sides so you can see the "status". I will probably get one

Riding the Wet Coast

RichardM said...

As always, the pictures are wonderful. I especially like the old Assay Office building. The Fall colors look wonderful and, as motoroz said, every time I stop by and read reinforces my "need" to get a sidecar.


Charlie6 said...

thanks for visiting and your kind words...sidecars do give me the surety to go down/up darn near any trail ....

Bobskoot, yeah the Strom and the GS dualsports can be quite the effort to pick up! I dropped my 1150toe-in a time or two on terrain I probable shouldn't have taken it on....oh well.

RichardM, go ahead and take a sip of the sidecaring koolaid...snow will, as long as its not too deep, will not stop you....

Brady said...


You're going to have some real data on that chain by the time you're done, you ride a hell of a lot!

Of course, it all seems like a lot when your motorcycles are thousands of miles away. Beautiful scenery, though, I envy you and your delicious tug from my German flat.

Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

Charlie6 said...

Brady, hopefully soon, you'll be on two wheels again and regaling us with pictures of German castles and churches and mountains.....