Thursday, September 15, 2011

Photogrammetry and Old video

Spotted this on a website I tend to visit now and then.  I keyed in on the sidecars displayed within the montage of vintage photographs of an old Petrol Station.  Very Cool.

From the posting:

Using the incredible visual trickery of 3D camera mapping (Photogrammetry), Miklós Falvay was able to create a virtual step inside these timeworn photos of Hungary’s first gas station — the subject of an upcoming documentary. The photos, beautiful in of themselves become utterly mesmerizing as they take motion.


RichardM said...

That is pretty tricky. I wonder what process they are using to create content? E.g. showing building and bushes that are obscured by the building. I've seen this done where there were a bunch of photographs of the same area and they use them all to build a 3d model of the scene. They then virtually move the camera through the model...

Thank you for the link.

Richard - My blog

irondad said...

Pretty incredible!

Circle Blue said...

Very, very nice.