Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Reprint: Riding to Old Bike Ride #9

An Old Indian, a bit rough around the edges but ridable and still gorgeous
Organized once again by the inimitable Bob Ohman and sponsored by the Colorado Norton Motorcycle Club, the annual Old Bike Ride #9 had a great turnout once again of vintage motorcycles of different marques. 
The weather favored the large number of riders who came out both to show off their respective motorcycles and to drool over the old iron ridden by others.  I had ridden my '87 R80 Beemer which was pretty much one of the youngsters amongst the motorcycles that showed up for the ride.
BMW, LaVerda, Moto Guzzi, Honda, Kawasaki, Vincent, BSA, Indian, Suzuki, Harley Davidson, Yamaha and I am sure other brands I don't recall at this time were in evidence.  All classic motorcycles, still ridable and ridden by their enthusiast owners.  That's what I like best about these Old Bike Rides, it gets these lovingly maintained beauties from yesteryear out in public to be admired and to inspire memories from folks who rode them when young perhaps.

Classic looking Triumph
K Bike Sidecar Rig
Chiang-Jang Rig with BMW engine
smart looking Triumph
expanding front wheels effect
Symmetry angle
I liked the symmetry presented by the front wheels

worlds apart, both with great looks
Moto Guzzi and a Norton?
BMW R60 (pretty sure)
A classic Beemer
Italian lines and color
kind of hard to miss this Orange Laverda
there's something about red Italian motorcycles....
A new-old Royal Enfield
Moto Guzzi
a magnificently restored Vincent

Brigitta held her own against the other motorcycles....but just barely

Finally, a video of the riders and their vintage machines, as they start the ride to the top of Lookout Mountain and as they come back down enroute to the rest of the Old Bike Ride #9

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irondad said...

Funny thing, life. I used to be forced by finances to ride "old" bikes. There was nothing glamorous or cool about it.

Where were these clubs and organizations when I was poor? I could have been a charter member.