Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Announcing the 9th Annual Old Bike Ride - 22 May 2011

Do you like to view vintage motorcycles that are beautifully restored, along with some that are not quite so restored but are beautiul nonetheless?

Then mark your calendars for the 22nd of this month, it's the 9th iteration of the Old Bike Ride, organized by the illustrious Bob Ohman, member of the Norton Colorado Motorcycle Club.

I've had the pleasure of attending both the 7th and 8th Old Bike Rides and thoroughly enjoyed myself, I am sure you will have a great time, especially if you ride your own "old bike".

Henderson Sidecar Rig I photographed during the Seventh Old Bike Ride

From the organizer's webpage:

Old Bike Ride
Sunday, May 22, 2011

Open to all riders of old motorcycles and all old motorcycle riders

The ninth edition of the Old Bike Ride, conceived and still directed by Bob Ohman, is being sponsored by Norton Colorado. The purpose of the Old Bike Ride is to encourage people to bring out their old motorcycles and ride them. The approximately 125-mile route takes us over some of the finest motorcycling roads of the Front Range. It is open to anyone riding a motorcycle made in 1980 or earlier. However, a rider over the age of 65 can ride whatever they wish.

The first 125 riders at the starting point receive a spiffy decal, whether they finish the route or not. This year's decal will be truly special, but it cannot yet be revealed!

Location and Start Time

The ride will start from the same location as last year's OBR8: The Golden Hotel, 800 11th St., Golden (corner of 11th and Washington Ave in downtown Golden, on the south side of Clear Creek). Maps will be distributed starting at 8:00 AM. Rider's Meeting at 9:15. The ride will start at 9:30 promptly.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Beer

The Golden Hotel will provide a cart selling hot coffee and breakfast burritos in the parking lot. This year we will try even harder to remind them of this fact! They also have a full restaurant for sit-down dining starting at 7 am.

There will be a stop for lunch at The Millsite Inn, near Ward on the Peak to Peak Highway, and the ride will end at the Biergarden of the Golden City Brewery, 920 12th St., Golden, three blocks from the Golden Hotel. You're responsible for paying for your own food and drink.

Further Information

Info will be available live at First Thursday, Denver Rusted Nuts, Norton Colorado & AMCA gatherings.

Here's my writeups for the previous Old Bike Rides I've attended:

Riding the Seventh Annual Old Bike Ride

Uraling to the Eight Annual Old Bike Ride


Brady said...

I get excited by these things, but my Honda is such a pile I think I'd be embarrased to even go. I'd probably show up on my 06 Beemer just to feel like I'm not abusing the term 'vintage.'

Luckily I've recently found some folks who fit my tastes and are part of the 'chrome don't get ya home' club. Otherwise I live the life of a shut in.

Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

RichardM said...

Going to this ride makes your R80 feel new again.

I'll be (relatively) close on May 22nd. In Deadwood, SD, for a meeting. Looking forward to a field trip to the Dusel project 8000' down in the former Homestake gold mine.