Sunday, May 01, 2011

ABCD on the Cache La Poudre Road

Here's my entry for Gary France's great one day photo contest:  ABCD, will you participate?

My friend Ken Phenix from Texas rode with me today up to CO14, west of Fort Collins, Colorado.  We cruised the Cache La Poudre Scenic Byway and took this show at the rock tunnel I've liked ever since the first time I saw it back in 2006.

I was originally trying to come up with something close to the lovely shot Gary has of himself flanked by distant mountains in the link above.  Didn't come close to the angles and perspective required though, I've so much to learn about such type of photography.

Still, here's my entry, for what it's worth.

Looking forward to all the entries from my fellow bloggers!


Steve Williams said...

Hey Dom, did anyone ever tell you that you look like a motorcycle officer? *grin*

Nice shot. And a nice place to ride.

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

SonjaM said...

Darn, Steve beat me to it. Hello, Officer Dom! I am sure you had a wonderful ride with your friend. The tunnel looks quite a bit eerie, not sure I would feel comfortable riding through.

Richard said...

Great shot, and the bike's pure class. I've got a soft spot for the old Beemers. Well done mate.

motoroz said...

I am very envious. I have ridden the Cache La Poudre road once and loved it. Great place for your ABCD photo.

George F said...

Nice job, can trucks go through that tunnel? Looks like a nice road for motorcycling :-)

Charlie6 said...

Steve, I will admit people have walked up to me, or flagged me down, thinking I was a cop...I guess the lack of police marking and lights on the motorcycle is not enough.... : )

Sonja, thanks it was a great ride, got "snow showered" on three times, and while he giggled in the snow (he's from Texas so it's all fun to him), there were some "interesting" moments at altitude. About the tunnel, it's really short, two lane road, easy peasy.

Richard, thanks for kind words...

Motoroz, it's truly a great road, lots of very tight curves.

GeorgeF, it's a two lane road, perhaps 14ft high so I imagine trucks go through just fine. It really is a great way to wind your way to Steamboat Springs from Fort Collins.

Allen Madding said...

They tell me I look menacing in black leather, but I think you got me beat. Great pic!


George F said...

Next time I'm in Colorado I will definitely get in touch with you, I was in Steamboat Springs and loved the area.

mq01 said...

judging by your pic it looks like a great ride was had :) excellent!

bobskoot said...


Isn't it nice to have a human remote shutter release handy, once in a while. I can see you all tensed up in front of the camera. You do look like some mean officer .

Riding the Wet Coast

cpa3485 said...

That looks like a place where you literally could have a head on collision with a hill. Cool picture!

Anonymous said...

How about a rider's report on CO14 for us rookies?

Charlie6 said...

Allen, I don't mean to look menacing...I'm even smiling in the picture. Yes, that is a smile.

GeorgeF, just let me know!

Mq01, it was quite the ride, we experienced all four seasons within it and Ken had a blast riding with snow flying around.

Bobskoot, Ken sure came in to looking tense....that's really a smile, really.

Thanks Cpa3485, the perspective in the picture is a bit "off", it's actually a nice tunnel.

No Name, rider report coming.