Friday, February 19, 2010

Update: d3o now moving into motorcycle riding gear armor market

Back in September of 2007, I first ran across an article on a company called and blogged about it.  It sure sounded like just the ticket for slim yet protective armor pads to wear in one's riding gear:  LINK

A year went by, nothing for us motorcyclists yet but d3o then made the news on the blogsphere again when they came out with versions of their armor for the police and some really expensive riding gear:  LINK

Today, I spotted this report (with video) on the tech blog:

Gizmag:  d3o's body armour claims to be soft and flexible throughout the day, but to harden up instantly under impact. As such it's been a big hit in the snowboarding market, where it can make clothing protective and impact-resistant without it looking like you're wearing armour. But now d3o are branching out into the motorcycle armour market - so how does this thin, bright orange wonder armour compare against the traditional thick foam CE armour pads you find in motorcycle leathers? Editor Noel  McKeegan attacks Loz Blain with a heavy frying pan to find out.  Read the whole article

Long story short, the above author is impressed with the thinness and flexibility of the d3o armor but finds it's not quite as "protective" the conventional armor that was tested at the same time by the "frying pan" method.  Then again, in a crash, frying pans are rarely involved, not to mention repeated impacts to the same area while one is coming to a stop.

The armor is presently in use by the athletes on the US Olympic Team and apparently doing great by them.

Great potential is seen of the armor offerings by d30 and I for one look forward to trying their stuff out with my Cycleport Gear.  Assuming the cost is not too high of course!  For instance, to upgrade the trilaminate armor to the four layer laminate armor (claimed to offer 50% more protection by them) offered by Cycleport, the cost was $300 more I dimly recall.  So if the cost of the d3o stuff is less......

Oh, and the trilaminate armor that is standard fare with my Cycleport gear did just fine in my one and only lowside crash back in June of 2008:  LINK.

First of course, I have to find work.  Details!

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