Sunday, February 07, 2010

T'is but a dusting!

While the unusual snowfalls in the east are causing their inhabitants to use phrases such as "epic snow storm" or "snowmaggedon", we in the Denver Metro area got but a dusting of snow.  Heck the roads remained clear, even my neighborhood roads were doable by two wheels!

Rather disappointing to wake up to this:

The snow would fall lightly all morning but we barely got an inch of snow!  I got tired of waiting for it to build up and went out looking for the stuff.  I was to be disappointed.  I did however use the opportunity to see if the silas fiber rope I'd gotten from the hardware store would stay on the tires for "added traction"; as alluded to in the discussion forums.  Apparently, "back in the day" of Model T Fords, they'd wrap hemp rope around their tires for traction on packed snow.

I rode out to the local high school to get at least one shot of Natasha on today's "snow".  I had tied sample rope pieces onto both the front and rear tires on the motorcycle to see if they'd present clearance issues or even stay on.

As you can see, barely any snow.

As you can see above, the ropes were doing fine after traversing some snow but a lot of wet and clear pavement as well in the mile I rode to the local high school.  The stuff I'd read on the forums had said the rope would last all day when on packed snow but wouldn't last long on clear pavement, and I can confirm that.  I would soon be riding sans any ropes, just not enough snow on the roads.  I guess my next chance to try the rope trick will be at the Elephant Ride next weekend.

Tried a couple of other places but the lack of snow was everywhere.  I soon returned home after filling up Natasha's gas tank for the coming week.  Here's a shot of my garage's third bay where I've repositioned my motorcycles, it's for Mr Riepe's benefit that I post it.

This is what things looked like at the end of the day, just before the sun set.  Pitiful.

Here's a couple of shots of my riding from yesterday, I imagine things will look like the below sights tomorrow as the pitiful amounts of snow we got melt away.

Looking towards the Aurora Reservoir

Note the "brown cloud" covering some of Denver's buildings


Oz said...

That much snow here in the Dallas area would close down the highways :)

For us that looks like a blizzard. I think it so great that you get out and ride in the snow - it motivates me.

Chris said...

Too bad you didn't get more snow. It's been a blast riding in the MN snow!

Everyday Riding

PS: you need more bikes in your garage ;) looks like you could get at least three more.

Martha said...

Um, Chris...don't give the man any ideas! An heir and a spare is plenty!


Chris said...

LOL. You can't have too many bikes. He doesn't even have a dualsport yet. ;)

Anonymous said...


Stumbled across your blog today, searching for some R80 information. I own an 86 R80 and have been looking into putting a S-style on mine. I was curious if you were using an authentic S fairing, and if there were any compatibility issues with the R80? I can check back here, or you can email me at if you would be so kind.