Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Named as Blog of the Week by is a site new to me which selected this meandering blog of mine as their Blog of the Week.

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Brett of states:

One of my "hobbies" has been reading motorcycle ride reports on the various motorcycle forums. I then discovered how many riders were blogging and started to add some of them to my browsers favorites menu. That list of blogs quickly got pretty long, so I decided to start a website to list and categorize all the motorcycle blogs I've found, which is what you see today with

This is my personal website. I do it all by myself. I'm just a guy with a computer who eats, sleeps, and drinks motorcycles. Whether it's a sport motorcycle, super motard, or dual sport bike, I'll ride it and tinker with it.

I've not explored Brett's site fully yet but it lists, as of today, 247 separate blog sites related to motorcycling in some way or fashion! Might be worth taking a look on your part. It's good to see some competition to's motorcycling blog listing.

If you ride and have a blog, he's got a link on his site to get yours added....if you wish to possibly add to your readership, you may want to check it out.


mq01 said...

it sounds like a very cool blog he's got there, i'll check that out.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Job!

Ride on,