Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Brigitta gets a new tire

To go along with the milestone of crossing over 75,000 miles yesterday, Brigitta got a new rear tire today. Got lots of riding planned this coming Fourth of July weekend and I didn't want to do it on a worn rear tire!

The Beemer dealer had Metzeler Lazertec 120/90s in stock so I went by after work and picked one up along with an oil filter change kit. It was a bit awkward riding to Pete Homan's Bavarian Motorcycles West mechanic shop with the new tire strapped on the pillion but I got there fine.

It's amazing, how with the right equipment, bike stand, tire changing machine it all seems so fast and simple to do. I've done tire changes before on both my bikes and since I lack most of the good stuff Pete has in his shop, it takes me much longer.

I've reached a point where I decided that sure, I know how to change a tire, but my time is limited and using it up changing tires vice getting it done for a fairly cheap price, fast and while I wait is the better way to go.

Brigitta on one of Pete Homan's three bike lifts.....nice stuff those lifts

Pete had the old tire off and the new one on in less than five minutes I think!

The new tire gets mounted and secured onto Brigitta

Brigitta's new tire

As Pete got Brigitta off the stand once he was done and rolled her out the door. He had me hold down the rear portion of the bike while he checked the play on the head bearings by turning the handlebars back and forth.

He stated that they felt "loose", as in there was no preload on the head bearings. He grabbed some tools, five minutes later, he was satisfied. I could feel just the slightest hint of resistance now as I moved the handlebars back and forth. Apparently, you need this or the bearings tend to move and wear into the sides of the spindle that hold them. It should help her handling as well, Pete stated. All this came at a cost of an additional $5, can't beat that with a stick!

I was out of there in about 30 minutes, humming along with good rubber on both tires now. A warm ride home in heavy traffic saw me arriving home in time to do a quick oil change for Brigitta. My almost ten year old son helped me out, so the task took a bit longer than usual! :)

Still, it was a good bonding moment. He found it quite amusing that I kept dropping tools and oil filter covers into the dang oil disposal canister which was full of the old hot oil. Next time I'll have him dip his gloved hand in there to fish that dropped item out of there! : )

Now to figure out whether I want to try and do the transmission spline lube at 78K miles or have Pete do it for $200.


cpa3485 (JIM) said...

Very cool to have your son help you out with the oil change. They grow up very fast and some moments like that can be very memorable for you and him.

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Charlie6 (Dom):

I broke 20,000 miles on the K75 out riding to the Mac-Pac breakfast last week. It was a highly emotional moment that went by largely unnoticed. At 20,000 miles, the K75 is barely broken in.

But the tires are broken in plenty. When I checked my records, I discovered that there are almost 12,000 miles on these! I am running Avon Super Venoms on this bike. Naturally, they are discontinued in this size. I have to say I have not had abetter tire for wear or stickiness in the rain.

Since I am leaving for Tennessee in 11 days, I made arrangements to get both tires replaced. I too purchased Metzler Lasertecs, which are great tires. However, the rain tread on the front has a tendancy to transmit road imperfections to the handlebars -- especially as the tires wear -- causing the K75 to do a little dance crossing longitudinal cracks.

I can live with this... But did you ever notice that a manufacturer discontinues a poduct as soon as you fall in love with it?

Work is turning int a constant challenge for me. I just spent a grueling month, doing tactical PR to stave off a hostile merger, which leaves me exhausted at the end of the day. I have not been keeping up with my motorcycle correspondance. The fact is I am sick of looking at this computer by the time 5pm rolls around.

Happy trails... The Tennessee ride is going to be a real challenge.

Charlie6 said...

Jim, I quite agree, it does prolong the task though since he also seems to want to learn concepts.....

Jack, congrats on the 20k, now that fireballs is just broken in, time for some riding! You got good mileage out of those tires.

I've always had ME880s on my RT, I hope the lazertec works on my R80.

I wish I was going to the National Rally but work and family preclude....I did get that invite you mention though, that was nice of them.

irondad said...

I'm with you. I'm satisfied that I know enough to take care of emergencies. Other than that, I'm starting to lean toward shops, too. It has to be the right shop, of course.

Hope you bring back some great memories from riding this weekend!

Charlie6 said...

thanks for reading this stuff Irondad, I'll do my best to get some good pics from this weekend.