Monday, June 29, 2009

Brigitta goes over 75,000 Miles

Brigitta, my 1987 R80 went over a milestone of sorts today, her odometer clicked over past 75,000 miles. I know, there's plenty of Beemer riders out there with motorcycles which have gone at least once past the 100,000 mile mark. But it's the first one for me.

Maria, my 2004 R1150RT, is close behind Brigitta. Maria is coming up on 69,000 miles.

Now, I got Brigitta with 61,135 on the odometer so I've only put 13,865 miles on her myself since I got her back in June of 2008.

Maria, I got with a bit over 19,000 miles on her odometer back in 2006.

Both motorcycles are needing a new tire each, I wonder if its because of all the riding?


cpa3485 (JIM) said...

I almost can't wait to have to replace a tire, because it means that I have been riding and having fun. That's a bunch of miles and I know you have seen some really great sights. The cost of a tire pales in comparison to the fun of riding.

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Charlie6 (Dom):

I haven't been doing the riding I thioght I'd be doing with the new seat and all. The reason is we've had lots of rain... Abnd while there have been plenrty of intervals of sun, the weather really aggravates my arthritis. I'm thinking of taking a run to Gettuysburg on Saturday, just to gt my hand in on a 200-mile plus ride for a little practice.

My club (the Mac-Pac) has a tire-changing room in which a tire changing machine (like the one pictured in your post) is available for all to use. Members pay a $20 one-time fee to use the equipment, and then leave $5 per tire for disposal.

Still, I prefer to have an expert put my tires on.

I am going to meet the BMW MOA's editorial folks at a special dinner in Tennessee, durig the rally. I'm sure you got an invitation too. I was told to bring Cheri Pie, and I got a woman in the Mac-Pac to volunteer for the role.

This is going to be an interesting trip. Our initial plans call for a day on the slab... And 236 miles on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I am going to take my time and take a lot of pictures.

But they won't be up to your standards. Tough.

Fondest regards,
Jack "r" Toad
Twiated Roads

Charlie6 said...

Jim, thanks for writing in....the guy who changed out my Brigitta's rear tire commented I should look at bridgestones....maybe next time I need new tires.

Jack, I loved Gettysburg the one time I went to see a civil ware re-enactment! I look forward to your pictures...perhaps you could re-enact Chamberlain's charge down Little Round'd be astride Fireballs, charging down the hill.....

irondad said...

It's not riding that wears out tires. I'm pretty sure it's washing a bike too often!

I personally have tried a lot of brands. I always come back to Metzler Z6's. They work quite well for sport touring.

The Avon 45 and 46 tires work well in the wet but lack something for cornering. I wore out a pair of Dunlop D220's. They stick like crazy and are totally predictable and smooth. They also tempted me too much and I wore them out prematurely!