Monday, March 30, 2009

A Windy Ride after a Snowy Morning

I just love this snow pattern Colorado seems to enjoy. So long as not too much snow falls in the morning, and if the sun comes out for a while, we usually get mostly dry if not fully dry roads in the afternoon to get some riding in.

We got perhaps and inch at most of snow, just enough snow and ice to make the commute into the data center in my cage "interesting". My 1987 560SL Benz is rear-wheel drive and I'd neglected to load up a couple of sandbags in the trunk to give her better traction. She weighs almost two tons empty so she does OK on snow. However, the lack of weight in the back made for some slipping and sliding once, when I had to accelerate into traffic or be run over by some idiot in a SUV.

By noon, the sun had been out for a while and all the snow was gone from the roads. I went home to finish the day telecommuting. I looked out my window as the roads in the neighborhood cleared and dried. It was hard but managed to wait till almost four o'clock before logging off the work computer.

I took Maria, my 2004 1150RT since it was still in the high 30s in terms of temperatures. I went off to the usual nearby picture spots but those resulted in mediocre shots. The sky was heavily overcast by now and the wind was gusting noticeably.

Here's a couple of shots that turned out marginally acceptable. Still, a ride is a ride, got in almost 30 miles and went home because it was dinner time.

A view of the Front Range

Some nasty clouds to the north

I would have preferred it to be still sunny while out riding, and the sun did peek out for a couple of minutes, still...can't really complain, can I?

Hope you got some riding in today.


Bucky said...

Hey Redleg,

Ever get out to Kit Carson County and their superb carousel in Burlington? Best in the country that I know of.

Open Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Charlie6 said...


I've ridden to the town of Kit Carson but had not known of a carousel out there.....

That link to historic stuff on the plains looks interesting too....


Jack Riepe said...

Dear Sir:

The forecast for the past weekend was rain. This got my vote as it would go a long toward getting the salt -- but not the gravel -- off the roads. Well, we a got a touch more than we bargained for. A twister hit the ground in Lancaster county, destroying a trailer court and quite a few barns. It was on the ground for ten minutes. Then in Philly, 60 miles to the east, they got hail nearly 1.5 inches in diameter.

The temperature that day hit 76 degrees. It started out rainy, got sunny, and then evolved into a series of thunder boomers, with the first lightening of the season. It is definitely early for this sort of stuff.

It is 35º at the moment with a high of 65º expected. It is not quite dawn outside, but a few minutes before first light. I can hear the birds and doves waking up. We had a few nights of peepers and then they froze their asses off again. It will not really be spring until the coldest it gets at night is 50. That will be in three weeks or so here.

Keep your snow.

Fondest regards,

bobskoot said...

You are lucky to be able to get rides in. Our temps during the day are above freezing, perhaps low 40's but around the freezing mark during the nights. At 7am when I leave for work there is usually frost on the ground and windshields. My commute to work goes to higher levels where it is frosty even if we don't get any so I am mostly unable to ride to work. Perhaps in a few more weeks when it warms up a bit.
I live in the middle of the city where there is major traffic gridlock when I get home. I would have to travel over an hour in any direction to reach them. We have no freeway system here to filter traffic out to the suburbs. You are lucky to have "good" roads so close to home and be able to telecommute

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Stacy said...

I've only spent one winter in Colorado but I loved it. It was either snowing or sunny. It could be 10 degrees but sunny and I never felt too cold.

Over here, 40 degrees and constant drizzle is COLD. And it's a damp cold that cuts through layers and makes you miserable.

Your pictures in these last couple of posts are wonderful! Good desktop wallpaper material.

Charlie6 said...

bobskoot, thanks for reading and writing in, yeah I am fortunate in some respects....having the mountains nearby helps with the pictures!

Stacy, thanks for your kind words!

40 degrees and wet....yeah, sounds miserable. One thing about colorado rain, it's always cold.

irondad said...

Come on, now, it's not always a 40 degree drizzle where you and I live. Why, we just had a heavy shower with ice pellets in it! That counts as variety doesn't it?

Sorry, Dom, I commandeered your comment section, didn't I? It would be neat to be back someplace where there was snow beside the road but we could actually ride.