Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Harry Martin's Road Rash Cartoons

Ever since I've gotten into motorcycling, Harry Martin is one of the few cartoon artists who "get it" in my opinion when it comes to real motorcycling experiences. The man is a Kawasaki Concours rider, a similar motorcycle to my R1150RT Oilhead so his experiences resonate with me.

Case in point, here's some I found on Motorbyte's carton archival website :

I like the way this guy thinks....although I am pretty sure though that I'd stop for tornadoes

We've been having quite a few of these windy days lately

'nuf said

Note: no hippos were harmed when creating my version of "hippo hands": LINK

This is the situation I see the blogging riders in the Midwest and NE having to deal with....


Harry Martin's Site: LINK

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irondad said...

Thank you for the reminder. I knew about these once upon a time. Somewhere in the melee I'd lost the link. We can all use humor we can relate to!