Thursday, March 26, 2009

Eggs before the Storm

A flimsy excuse at best, going to get eggs for my wife, before the expected snow storm hit the Denver Metro Area:

Doesn't look good does it?
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Despite the above grim looking radar picture at 0836hrs MDT, I had seen that the only snow collecting so far was on the grassy areas. No snow/ice on the pavement and just slight moisture on the roads. Not enough moisture to create slick surfaces (I hoped) even if it froze over.

Temperatures of the pavement were just below freezing. Still, a short walk revealed good riding conditions still. And so, with eggs in mind, I rode out on Brigitta, my 1987 R80 Beemer to the grocery store.

At the supermarket parking lot

All I had with me was the camera in my cellphone, sorry for the poor quality of the picture. As you can probably see though, paved surfaces were dry enough and the only snow is on grassy areas and roofs.

Got home with no issues, even went by the local elementary school to look for good backgrounds for further pictures. Not enough snow yet. As I type this though, I got a call from a vendor in Arvada which is on the west side of the Denver Metro area; she claimed they already had six to seven inches of snow on the ground!

I told her good, keep it west of I-25..... : )

Unfortunately, as I post this, big fat snow flakes are starting to come down.....oh well.

Update: 1157am, its snowing harder but its still not sticking to the pavement:

1229pm, OK, now it's sticking:


Martha said...

Wifey thanks you for taking on such a risky trip to ensure we've got provisions for the storm.

Your efforts will be rewarded when I fix fried rice later today.
(and fresh baked cookies, but I know that's not a high priority on your radar).

Allen Madding said...

Fresh Baked Cookies? I can be there in about 15 hours??


Charlie6 said...

Allen, wear something warm and windproof...we'll leave the light on for ya....

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Charlie6 (Dom):

I begged you... I pleaded with you... I entreated you not to post any more pictures of winter. We actually had a mild winter here and I am sick of it nonetheless.

Do they use salt or anything like that on the roads out there? I was out (in the Suburban) just a few days ago and saw something that looked like snow on the edge of the road. It was a pile of white stuff four inches high, about four inches wide, and about 30 feet long.

It was undissolved salt!

And the roads here are covered with grit and gravel in every turn. I have yet to see any of the townships out there sweeping the stuff up yet either.

I see no reason to get a good coating of this crap on my bike just to experience a mediocre ride. Man, you are posessed.

Fondest regards,

Charlie6 said...


yeah...possessed, addicted....that pretty much describes it.

No salt that I can tell, Denver uses something called magnesium chloride which is supposed to be less destructive than salt. However, the city I live in does not, I think.

My motorcycle wasn't even wet when I got her home, it was just moist looking" not really wet.

We do have gravel accumulations here as well, gets tricky in the mountains sometimes.

Re the pictures, sorry but it's all I had for today....the snow shouldn't last long here. I keep looking for greenery as you requested, but not much of that around here yet.

And yes, it was a short and mediocre ride, but it was a felt good.