Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sunset near the Foothills

There's an area here at the base of the Rockies called the Foothills, it marks the beginning of the mountains that form a spectacular backdrop for the Denver Metro Area.

I suspect though, that most people that live here, see it every day and have "tuned it out". Too bad for them.

I found myself at loose ends around 4pm, no chores to do and the weather in the low 50s. Of course, I went riding to try and catch the sunset.

As I rode out of my neighborhood, I could see low lying clouds partially obscuring the tops of the Rockies so I knew my usual spots for catching the sunset would probably not work. I headed west seeing spots to frame Maria by and ended up on US85 which I took to Titan Road. As I neared the foothills, the light was almost right and I sought a good place to stop and frame some shots.

I found said spot off of Titan Road, a little two lane road called Wildlife Way. I cruised up this neighborhood road and saw this "house" which reminded me of "Gone with the Wind":

I then returned back towards the beginning of the lane and got the following pictures as the setting sun was obscured by clouds but some light managed to leak through reflection in the atmosphere:

After these shots, it was getting dark and I rode home via the C470/E470 super slabs to make time. Made it home without incident or deer sightings.


Jack Riepe said...

Dear Sir:

I love pictures with mountains in them, but I think the best in this series is the last one with these cool trees. I have a good mind to sneak out your way sometime and lurk on the back roads, just to trap your butt walking around with a camera -- taking pictures of your bike.

Quite by coincidence, three friends of mine in New York State's Adirondacks (High Peaks Region) all ride now. I am planning in heading up that way (about 400 miles) this summer, just to ride with these guys and to get my bike in some dramatic cliff, mountain, and stream pictures.

I intend to make up for lost time.

I think there must be something in the wind of late. There doesn't seem to be as much blog activity as I would have thought. I think we are in the depths of the winter doldrums

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

Charlie6 said...


thanks for the comments.

no need to sneak around, I'll show you some of the good spots and we'll pose Fireballs along with my motorcycle of the day.....

I look forward to the shots from the Adirondacks, though with the highest point being less than 6000 ft.....

just kidding, am sure you'll find some great stuff to photograph.