Sunday, February 15, 2009

Brigitta and the Front Range

Beautifully sunny day today, temperatures started in the 20s but were in the low to mid 40s by the time I rode out after lunch.

I had intended to just ride to the nearby hardware store but once I got a good look at the clear air conditions and how the Front Range mountains were illuminated, that goal went out the window

I rode over to the Blackstone Country Club neighborhood and rode towards the dirt trails in the prairies surrounding the development. I rode down to the eastern end of the fenced area around Blackstone, got on the dirt trail heading to the NE but it dead-ended at some new wire fencing. I did however get a good shot of a half-crater "terrain feature".

I then wandered southwest-wards on new-to-me dirt trails through rolling prairie grasslands. I am sure they'll be developed into housing some day, for now it's manageable off road terrain which I rode on slowly and without incident.

Some more riding slow on loose dirt and grass finally got me back on pavement way away from my entrance point. In fact, it was the Aurora Parkway, about two blocks from the local police substation. Still seeking more shots of the front range, I tried the usual spot near the police station; it's an empty cul-de-dac which while paved, has no housing yet.

I wandered down to near the BMW motorcycle dealer I frequent and tried for shots of the large US flag at the car dealership across the street. The light was not quite right and this is the best I got:

It was close to 1530hrs by this point and though it was even warmer than at the start of my ride, I rode on home. Saw a total of six other motorcycle riders out and about today, much better than yesterday.

Hope you got a ride in.....


Jack Riepe said...

Dear Charlie6:

I always find it funny when you caption a picture with a line that says, "This was taken two blocks from the police substation..." and the picture shows your bike posed against an empty field that runs to the end of the earth.

Two blocks around here and two blocks in your neighborhood are distinctly different measurements.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

Charlie6 said...

it's all about the perspective Jack....the police station was right behind me, down the hill a ways in that shot.

hmmm, perspective, there's material there for a philosophical blog posting.....

irondad said...

Sometimes I see Brigitta featured and sometimes Maria. For a while I thought you were favoring the older bike for rural ramblings, but now I'm not so sure.

Is there a certain kind of ride that draws you to one over the other? Or do you try to just be giving them equal time?

Charlie6 said...


I try to give both the girls equal time, right after I've made sure Martha is still happy with me.

Maria tends to be picked more in sub 30 degree weather. Brigitta tends to be out more when the forecast is for 55 or higher.