Sunday, February 08, 2009

Done with Brigitta's Major Service

This morning I finished most of the remaining checks and services for Brigitta's "major" service.

You are supposed to use the 5k to 10k rule when it comes to services for Airheads. The rule is you check your valve lash settings every 5000 miles when a "minor" service is due. Then when you hit 10,000 miles, you check the valve lash again while doing the "major" service. Since I picked her up with 61,300 or so miles on the odometer from Pete Homan, I think I am slight ahead of schedule in terms of the major service.

Still better too many than too few. I've annotated my logs and will follow the 5k to 10k schedule from now one, still changing out the oil every 3K though.

Based on the example below, I've got good amount of adjuster threads left (red arrows)

Photo courtesy: Matt Parkhouse's article in BMWMOA ON: Valve Recession
Left: adjuster nut almost against rocker arm = bad
Right: More thread is better.

I found the left side intake valve a bit tight, adjusted it. I also found the right side exhaust valve a bit tight, adjusted it as well. Just a slight drag on the feeler gauge is what you're going for in terms of clearance.

The items listed in the manuals for minor and major services are well know so I'll not list them here. I go by the Clymer manual and the info from sites such as Snowbum's great info site for airhead maintenance and repair: LINK

After having changed out her engine oil+filter/transmission/driveshaft/final drive oils yesterday; today I did the valve lash check, cleaned out the air filter and renewed the heatsink compound on the ICM or Ignition Control Module.

I thought I had to replace the spark plugs but the log says they're not due out till 78,000 miles so I am done. I am going to forego a carburetor sync as I did not mess with the throttle cable settings or idle screws. The rest of the week is packed with work-related stuff.

The test ride went well, no explosions or weird noises. I'll monitor for oil leaks from the valve covers over the next day or so closely. Brigitta sure lets you feel the breeze without her fairing! I picked up some jb-weld and will see how it does on repairing that mounting point.


Jack Riepe said...

Dear Sir:

Not owning an "Airhead," your post this morning was like a stock report to a Fiji island headhunter. But oddly enough, I was doing something remotely similar. But as a result, my bke wll not be on the road for a number of days, perhaps weeks.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

Charlie6 said...

I read somewhere that riding a K bike is akin to going over to the "dark side". This being the opinion of dyed in the wool boxer riders.....

I am sure you've heard your bike called "the flying brick" as well.

Both types of motorcycles are as good as we're willing to make them....your work on your bike will have its rewards in the coming riding season.