Thursday, January 03, 2008

Telecommuting from O'Malley's Steak Pub/Grill

Temps from high 40s to low 50s F°, heavy overcast skies.

I left for the Denver Tech Center (DTC) to one of the two datacenters I split my time working at. Things were quiet and I was done with my business there by 1130. One of the guys at work mentioned O'Malley's Pub in Palmer Lake as a possible location for lunch and since it involved riding, I was of course in!

I took the I-25 Super Slab out of the DTC as the noon traffic rush filled it up but I soon left the Denver Metro area behind me as I sped south on the slab, the traffic thinning the further I got from Denver's southern suburbs.

Soon I was at the exit for the town of Palmer Lake, road conditions were pretty good, some ice/slush/snow in the center of the lanes here and there but not bad at all. There were wet spots on the roads and with the overcast skies, they looked more intimidating than they probably were. Still, I took curves and turns nice and easy whenever I the road looked wet and I could not ride around such spots.

I got to O'Malley's with no incidents, ordered out a cheeseburger and fries and broke out my laptop from its backpack carrier. O'Malley's has a free wifi access point and soon I was on the Net and logged back into work. I ate my lunch while catching up on emails and such, then did some light surfing and returned some phone calls I'd gotten while on the motorcycle.

O'Malley's, a popular biker hangout on weekends

It was past 1330 by the time I was caught up with work and done with lunch. I paid my bill and left going north out of town towards Larkspur. There's some pretty scenery on the way to Larkspur, here's some examples from today's ride:

Spruce Mountain Road, looking North towards Larkspur

Spruce Mountain Road, looking South towards Palmer Lake

Small Hills south of Larkspur near the I-25 Slab

I rode on Spruce Mountain Road, and went through the small town of Larkspur where it ends and junctions with the I-25 Slab. I took the slab northbound and got off at the Founders Parkway exit at Castlerock, this is also known as CO86 which I headed East on until I got to the town of Franktown and CO83.

I took CO83, aka Parker Road at this point, and was soon in the city of Parker. I spotted the below scenery while negotiating the heavy city traffic and u-turned at a light to pose Maria with the Front Range in the background. The overcast skies had cleared over the mountains and the sun was hitting them just right, don't you think?

I then resumed my way north on CO83 until I got to Arapahoe County Road 42 or better known as Arapahoe Road which I took East and soon home after gassing up. About 100 miles of riding today, it was much warmer temperature-wise than yesterday but the lack of sun cast a gloom to things I think. Oh well, riding is riding!


irondad said...

I love riding in cold, crisp, air. Even with snow beside the road. Is that the way most of the Winter is there? We're mostly just soggy, here.

My office is often a stop like O'Malley's. With a laptop and cell phone I can do business anywhere. Enjoy!

Charlie6 said...

actually, the snow does not usually stick around long....gone in a few days. Last winter was unusual with back to back blizzards which made things bad