Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A Belated Happy New Year Greeting

Temps from 4-41 degrees forecasted for today and sunny.

I went skiing with some college friends of mine from the 26th-30th of December in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The skiing was pretty good though my friends from northern Virginia who like the resort said it was the coldest and most crowded they'd ever seen it. Figures!

Steamboat Springs, CO

The view from our condo

An interesting area to ride in around Steamboat Springs, I'll have to ride up with my motorcycle in the latter part of Spring to see what it looks like without snow on the roads!

Denver went through a blizzard that did not taper off till Christmas Day and while I did my best to clear the King Canute Escape Path, more snow fell and hardened to ice on it while I was gone skiing. My loving wife, who does not share my insanity, did not get the snow blower out to keep the patch cleared. Can't say I blame her.

Got home just in time as most of the passes we traversed on the way back to Denver closed shortly after we went through. Here's a couple of pics of what it looked like on the way back:

On US40 somewhere East of Rabbit Ears Pass, West of Granby, CO

One of many "whiteouts" moments we drove through

Passing scenery

So I came home to thick, hardened snow/ice on the key points of the path that withstood my efforts to clear it for this morning. I think I could have made it out but it was 50/50. Since the temps are supposed to climb into the 40s today and remain that way to the weekend, I elected to drive the cage in and hopefully leave early to get some clearing work in.

Happy New Year wishes to those of you who frequent this blog.

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