Wednesday, January 02, 2008

First Ride for 2008

Temps from 39-48 F°, sunny, balmy.

I managed to clear the King Canute Escape Path out just before lunch so after a quick meal I headed out on my Maria for our first ride of the new year. The temperature had really soared from the morning low of 4 degrees and I worked up a sweat clearing the final portions that remained snowpacked.

I got out with no issues and followed the route below to stretch Maria's legs since she'd not been out since before Christmas! The weather was perfect, not cold at all and I was well on the way to achieving the serenity that comes with riding a motorcycle.

Maria got a small chance to "kick up her heels" as I opened her up to 80 mph along the I-25 Super Slab as we got on from Castlerock and headed North towards the E-470 exit to head for home. : )

I mentioned the serenity I get at times when I am riding my motorcycle, even when just commuting, it helps to relax me most times from the stresses of the day. This first ride of the year was overdue for me, I'd been trying to get out of my snow-packed neighborhood since before the new year!

So it was fitting that I spotted this housing development sign that matched the serenity I seek.

"Serenity Now!"

I hit a tiny spot of ice along the King Canute Path on the way into the neighborhood and felt the rear wheel slide just a tiny bit. Got my attention! It drove whatever thoughts had been dancing in my head about trying to ride in on the remaining snow pack instead of using the path! A little more ice clearing is due this afternoon!

So, about 55 miles of riding, about one hour and 20 minutes including picture taking above. I feel much better now. It's too bad I could not ride on New Years Day but there will be others.

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