Saturday, December 15, 2007

A short ride after Friday's Snow Fall

Temps ranging from 26-28 degrees. Sunny.

We got perhaps and inch and a half of snow throughout the day yesterday, Friday 14DEC07. Not much I must admit but it built on top of the 4-6 inches we'd gotten in the previous snow fall so the street into which my cul-de-sac exits remained snow-packed and some more digging and snow-throwing had to be done on my part to uncover what I will now call the King Canute Escape Path for me and my motorcycle.

As mentioned in previous postings, the escape route depends mainly on keeping the specific sidewalks leading out to the neighborhood entrance clear of snow and ice. Once the main road out of the neighborhood is clear enough, I can then escape via motorcycle.

Here's how the initial part of the escape path looked like before Friday's snow started falling on Thursday night:

o/a 1630hrs on Thursday 13DEC

Here's how it all looked this morning after the sun was out and starting to melt things a bit; I'd helped by shoveling and spreading of ice melting chemicals/sand.

10am 15DEC07

I exited the neighborhood via the King Canute Escape Path after 1230hrs with no incidents again and rode East via Arapahoe Road towards Parker via Inspiration Drive. The roads were wet for the most part with the occasional snow/ice/slush piles that were easily spotted and avoided.

Facing South on Piney Lake Road

As you can see, the skies were sunny and clear, it was not too cold and I rode all the way to the Town of Parker and looped back home using CO83. Perhaps 25 miles total of riding but had to get home so I could take the kids shopping for their Mother's Christmas Present. A longer ride is planned for tomorrow since the roads will be drier hopefully and we're expecting temps to hit 40 degrees! It's going to feel like a heat wave after the cold temps we've been experiencing lately.

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