Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Finally able to use the work parking lot again

I am presently working a contract with United Airlines over at their Training Center near the old Stapleton Airport. Their snow-clearing efforts for the last two snow storms had been less than stellar, pretty much non-existent actually and so I'd been forced to park in the shopping mall across the street and do the long walk in to get to my cubicle for work. The parking lot for the last week or so, has been a sea of snow and ice, mostly ice that prevented me from safely riding to a parking spot.

Well, as of today, I can safely access not only parts of the lot but even the motorcycle parking area I like to use. Both Maria and I are pleased for the most part. I even saw the K1200LT that usually commutes in as well in a cager parking spot in the lot. I hope the facilities guys do a much better job in the next snow storm, walking in from the shopping mall sucks in the cold, not to mention I don't like leaving my motorcyle in an unsecured lot all day long.

As you can see, some clearing remains but for now, it's good enough

The little red gas can on the luggage rack? I am using it to refill the 5 gallon container at home, one gallon at a time, to ensure I've plenty of fuel for the snow-thrower!

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