Sunday, December 23, 2007

Riding through Cherry Creek State Park

As I mentioned yesterday, I had a small job to do at a customer's office in the Denver Tech center this morning. The parking lot belonging to my customer's office complex was still covered in snow as I got there around 1015 or so but the parking lot of the adjoining building complex was pretty cleared of snow. That's where I parked Maria even though it left me with a bit of a walk around to where I could cross the dividing landscaping between parking lots!

After the job was done, I left around 1140hrs or so and decided to cruise on over to Cherry Creek State Park's western entrance since I knew it was not manned on Sundays. I snuck right on in and although the main roads through the park were not exactly free of snow throughout, they were pretty well doable.

You can see the ice-covered reservoir, the whale tail-shaped structures are shade for benches

There was one stretch where it was not just a few feet of packed snow I had to traverse on Maria but perhaps 2/10ths of a mile of the stuff. That was a bit worrisome but I got through it just fine. Not even one slide that I could detect as I tried to keep Maria going as straight as possible when the road curved a bit before I was back on dry pavement.

I did not make it all the way to the base of the Cherry Creek Dam, more snow on that particular road which I decided to pass on. I exited the park through its eastern entrance, negotiating my way through the occasional spot of packed snow or slushy ice.

I got on Parker Road heading South and decided on a lark to visit a co-worker friend of mine and check out his new Harley-Davidson motorcycle. It's got all the bells and whistles as my beemer and more.

I got to his cul-de-sac and it was pretty much still covered in snow with a few bare spots here and there that I used to gingerly make my way to his driveway. Managed to do it without dropping the motorcycle, which was good since he was watching me do this!

Once inside his garage, I admired his new motorcycle which was quite beautiful I must admit with a pretty eye-catching and unusual wine colored paintjob. Very nice.

We then went inside where I met a friend of his and I also saw another co-worker friend. They were watching the Greenbay Packers lose to the Chicago Bears, badly. However, we watched it on Brent's very nice HDTV which had a pretty incredible image of the game. I must have one of these TVs now.

I left after the Packers were soundly beaten by the Bears, made it out of the snow-packed cul-de-sac with no issue as things had melted a bit while I was watching the game. I rode home through Parker, via the usual backroads back to my home.

I longer ride than yesterday but not too long, the weather was great....sunny and in the high 30s to low 40s.

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