Friday, September 22, 2006

Lonely Gretl out in the cold

Gretl was the sole motorcycle in the parking lot at work again today. The weather was overcast and cool...50s I would say. She looked quite forlorn by herself.

The weather was cool enough that I actually had to use the choke to warm her up a bit when I took her out for a short ride to the nearby REI store. She failed to start on the first push of the ignition button which is very unusual for her. Took me twice pushing the button and rolling on a bit of throttle to get her to catch....a minute on choke while I put my gloves on and all was well again.

I had to switch to reserve tank on the way to work when the trip meter read only 161 miles! Guess there's a difference between a day of highway driving and just commuting traffic with all its stops and starts. Anyways, after I ran the errand at REI I stopped by and got her gassed up....mileage report: 52.4mpg on this tank of gas, which included some time on the reserve tank.

Although it was cold and blustery, the riding gear kept me warm and cozy, gloves are still a weak point so that search continues. Seeking gloves with leather palms but insulated on the windward take advantage of the heat from my heated grips.

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