Sunday, September 10, 2006

Grips and Glue

Well, the left side heated grip came off pretty easy upon testing it after letting the glue dry over 8 hrs. Tried it again and more than 8hrs later, same results. There was just too much of a gap between the metal handlebar and the inside of the left-side heated grip.

Tried friction tape, too thick and the grip would not go on when I tried a test fit.

Was getting ready to do the sanding of the bar bit but decided to try electrical tape.

Tried it for fit and it was really tight within first inch so I backed the grip off a bit, put on some grip cement from the honda dealer, and then struggled to get the whole grip onto the bar this time! In fact, I could not get it to mate to the plastic/chromed ring next to the switch housing, coming up short by maybe 1/8 of an inch! Heck I dang near pushed the motorcycle off its kickstand while pushing this grip on! Before, without the tape, one could just slip it on and off with minimal pulling.

So now, it's on, I can't shift it at all or pull it off or push it further am sure once the glue cures, its on for good now. There's a bit of glue still dripping out of the hole at the end of the grip so I know I used plenty.

Ah the joys of working on one's motorcycle.

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