Friday, September 08, 2006

4K Mile Service and new farkle for Gret

I reached 3944 miles on Gretl's odometer yesterday and thanks to my infinitely patient and supportive wife, I was able to drop off the motorcycle at the dealership yesterday and retrieved it today, having undergone her 4000 mile service with no issues found or needing to be reported. The weather was overcast and cool but otherwise an uneventful ride home via the freeways and tollways. Traffic in the Denver area really sucks these days but we got lucky today and avoided sitting in traffic for too long.

Note to self: If you buy a motorcycle from a dealership that's far from where you live or far enough that traffic is always an issue, DON'T prepay for scheduled services since you're stuck going to that specific dealer to have it done and it's quite a pain in the butt in terms of time and transportation logistics! This 4000 mile service is the last prepaid service I have with Sun Honda and I will use a closer dealer for further service calls! Whatever money I saved in pre-paying for services was lost in spades by the time lost traveling to/from the dealer, dealing with traffic and having to take off from work.

Once piece of info from the service guy, he said to keep the tires inflated at 34psi in the front and 38 in the back to make them last longer and keep them from cupping. Apparently today's modern materials that go into the manufacture of motorcycle tires are softer for better grip and performance but then are prone to cupping where the tire is too soft and developes depressions in the rubber!

Once I got Gretl home I found a package with her new farkle, heated grips and a map bag for her tank for the long trips.

The grips went in just fine along with some grip glue, removing the stock grips was very easy. The wiring for the grips was easy as well due to the nice labeling on the grips and control unit. I mounted the heat control in the center of the handlbebar for easy reach. I ran a brief test of the unit and it worked first time out and the grips were nice and toasty within a couple of minutes. Tomorrow is supposed to be wet and cold so perhaps I'll take her out for a ride in that weather to see how the grips keep or not keep my hands warm.

Of course, there's one wrinkle, the right-side heated grip could not go on flush to the switch housing due to a plastic chromed ring that I could not remove withuot tearing apart said switch housing. So now the Vista Cruise control unit's screw that mated with the anchor piece on the other side of the switch housing does not reach to connect! I have to find same screw but about 1/2 inches longer so it can reach the anchor and hold firmly. A minor annoyance but hopefully the local hardware stores have the correct length screw.

Here's a pic of the map pouch, holds onto tank via magnets with soft rubber lining underneath to hopefully not scratch the paint on the gas tank.

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