Sunday, March 09, 2014

Sunny Sunday Riding with Stewie

Spring may still be a few weeks off but you could swear it had arrived today in the great state of Colorado.

The morning and early afternoon were spent applying weatherproofing stain to the new gate we recently had installed for the back yard.  Now I can easily wheel the trailer onto the back yard, freeing up half a bay in the garage!

Three P.M. arrived and temperatures were in the high 60s (F) and Stewie begged me to take him out for a ride.  How could I say no?

Geared up, though I didn't wear the riding pants, just jeans.  First though, a peek at the snowy conditions we woke to on Saturday, as mentioned before, the snow didn't stick to the roads, mainly on the lawns and such.

Next, we wandered over to the Travois Development, stopping at the overpass stretching over the E-470 super slab on Ireland Street.

Mount Evans was pretty clear in the distance today, 
I of course, didn't have right camera with me.....

Transiting through the Travois development, I turned onto Inspiration Drive and headed east a short distance, turning south onto the ranching neighborhood to the south of Travois, it's name escapes me at the moment.  There's a spot near the junction of Forest Canyon Drive and Sand Creek Road which lends itself well to view of Mount Evans and nearby mountains.

Stewie of the West

I turned north towards home but first spent some time wandering about the grassland hills near the Aurora Reservoir.  Conditions were slight muddy at points but nothing Stewie couldn't handle with only the occasional use of my feet as outriggers.  The only bad thing was that swine are using the land as a dumping ground, a lot of swine by the amount of junk that had been dumped here and there.  Such a shame.

The Front Range Mountains from near the
Blackstone Country Club

After we safely got out of the grasslands and its muddy trails, Stewie and I headed for home using Smoky Hill Road briefly to get to a point west of Southlands Mall.  Then it was back roads all the way home, in great riding conditions; as evidence by the plethora of Harley owners riding about sans helmets or riding gear for that matter.

27 miles worth of exercise for Stewie, and a way for me to "rest" from weatherproofing the gate today.  That particular chore took about five hours.....I must get a paint sprayer for my next task, weatherproofing the small deck next to the kitchen.


Richard M said...

Nice photos, I especially like the first and third ones. Stewie of the West, pretty good.

Another week?

Charlie6 said...

Well, let's see if they roll the truck tomorrow ....

Trobairitz said...

A nice sunny day on two wheels.

How light and nimble does Stewie feel after the workout of riding a sidecar rig?

Charlie6 said...

Hi Trobairitz, a well setup sidecar rig should be no real effort to ride....still, Stewie feels quite nimble....except when on mud...

SonjaM said...

Of course you can use scooters in difficult terrain ;-)

Also, Stewie makes for a very nice 'bike model'. I am sure the little one enjoyed the outing as much as you did.

bob skoot said...


we also had a day which felt like Spring. Now with DST it will still be bright after work.

I think it was a wise choice to ride instead of staining the gate, plus you had to use up the old gas

A weekend photographer
Riding the Wet Coast

Charlie6 said...

Actually Bob, I did both. :)