Monday, December 07, 2020

T-Dub'ing around the BLM areas north of Truth or Consequences

 Properly layered this time, I set about exploring the BLM areas to the North and Northwest of my campsite, trying to find campsites for future trips in case the preferred sites are occupied.

Didn't have much luck finding anything but just one night spots that the URRV could access easily.  I returned to the campsite for lunch and then rode south to explore the BLM areas closer to the Elephant Butte State Park.

I'm thinking the rightmost formation is Elephant Butte
but not sure

Can you see the two pelicans on the left side of the lake?

The birds below were shot at maximum optical zoom with ClearImage digital zoom enabled bringing the total zoom to 1128mm!  Obviously, I had to use a tripod and a two second delay on the shutter (as mentioned by CCjon) in order for the camera to be steady enough to render the below pic after post-processing.

On the way back, a nice view of the hills and mountains within the Cibola National Forest to the NW presented itself:

I find find 3 spots that the URRV could handle easily this time, and marked them on Google Maps for possible future use.

Spent the rest of the afternoon resting, doing a police call for trash (not much at campsite); unfortunately found piles of it away from the campsite, too much for me to handle unfortunately.

Sunset was better than yesterday but not by much, it had looked quite promising earlier in the afternoon with lots of clouds in the sky but they'd gone by the time the sun set.  Oh well.

I shot this pic just to show the rather symmetrical lens bloom/flare
evidenced when trying for a sunburst today.


CCjon said...

The tripod and the 2 second delay give the telephoto images a little extra crispness. Nothing dramatic, but noticeable.
The pelican were moving so have a slight motion blur. Next time nicely ask them to pose.... yeah, right!

RichardM said...

Nice sunset colors?

redlegsrides said...

The pelican's movement caused me have to lead them with the camera so they'd move into the shot...tricky.

CCjon said...

Panning the camera is always a hit or miss unless it is something you photograph regularly, like horse or auto racing where the speed is constant.

Oz said...

I like the sunburst photo. The pelican photo is also very good. I know just a little about photography to know that isn't an easy picture to get.

redlegsrides said...

A moving subject and a tripod is going to require practice and a better tripod!

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Oz, the zoom lens does pretty good and post-processing helped greatly.