Sunday, December 06, 2020

Now in New Mexico, Boondocking north of Truth or Consequences

 I woke way before sunrise, ate breakfast and broke camp.  I hadn't loaded Yagi onto the URRV's front bike carrier last evening due to the leveler blocks causing too high an entry angle for the ramp.

"Unfortunately", this meant that the S.A.W.* that had parked real close to my campsite was in the light of the URRV's headlights when I turned them on to have working light.  It was still dark you see.  Shame really, the light probably woke them up too.

I got Yagi loaded up with no issue, then turned on the fog lights mounted on the bike carrier so I could see what I was doing as I got everything tied down and packed up.  Shame really, how those lights continued to light up the S.A.W.'s fifth wheel trailer just a few feet from my campsite.

As I was doing my final checks, I saw the S.A.W. exit the fifth wheel with his two mangy looking hounds and walk off quickly to have them spread their crap around the area.  I'm sure he's the type of dog owner who doesn't pick up after them you see.

As dawn was beginning to make the eastern horizon glow, I left the campsite and made my way back to the small town of Bowie where I took Business 10 Loop east and eventually got onto eastbound I-10 heading towards New Mexico.

I arrived to the BLM area serviced by Monticello Road, about ten miles or so north of the town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.  I had the whole area to myself at 11:00 AM and was able to grab my usual camping spot almost two miles away from the highway.

As you can see, clear skies and sunny.  Temperatures wouldn't get above the low 60s but it felt nice under the sun.  I did go on a few miles worth of riding with Yagi but failed to wear my windproof liner so I felt the strong wind chill factor, which limited the speeds I could go at.

Didn't find much except for one spot on the west side of the highway junction but it was too close to the highway in terms of would be OK for an overnight stay but not for a multi-day stay.

I'll range further tomorrow, this time more warmly geared up!  There's some promising BLM terrain to the NW near some hills visible to the rear of the URRV in the first picture above.

The clear skies rendered a "meh" sunset, I didn't even bother going outside, choosing to shot the distant mountain range's blues through the URRV's window.

* S.A.W. :  Soiled Ass Wipe


RichardM said...

Truth or Consequences is over 4000'. Are the nights cold?

redlegsrides said...

Forecast says 30°F tonight.... running the catalytic heater to keep plumbing above that.

SonjaM said...

The type of people you describe want me to quit mankind. I hope you made a lot of noise while fussing with your equipment.

redlegsrides said...

Besides shining headlights directly at their windows....all possible noise was made SonjaM!

CCjon said...

Think you need a handmade sign that you can post near your rig : WARNING: TESTED POSITIVE

That should make most people steer clear. Of course what you tested positive for is open for debate.

redlegsrides said...

I have actually, CCjon, thought about making just such a sign for the campsite. But the way some people are freaking out about covid-19, probably not something I want to do. I'll just have to be more creative about not leaving usable space around me.

Bluekat said...

I was going to say I hope much noise was made, but I see in a comment above, that indeed you had that covered. 😂😂😂