Thursday, July 09, 2020

Uraling to summit of Georgia Pass

Wednesday, July 7

It would be another nice sunny day, with clouds forming in the afternoon, and high temperatures in the mid-70s!

In other words, great riding conditions for summer!

My view as I ate breakfast:

I rode out on Fiona, my '99 Ural Patrol and decided to a loop, headed out going north on the main trail traversing this dispersed camping area I'm currently boondocking on and soon was back on FR/CR 56 aka Lost Park Road headed towards the US 285 Slab:

 Part of the Continental Divide visible from the east side
of South Park Valley.  The right-most peak is Mt Guyot and
I would end up near its base!

First, I headed up towards the summit of Kenosha Pass which is reached using US 285, here's a view of South Park behind Fiona.  I am boondocking in the wooded area on the left, which is the northern portion of the Pike National Forest.

View of the peaks as one heads back down from Kenosha Pass on US285:

I rode to the small "town" of Jefferson and headed west on CR37, following the route towards Georgia Pass.

 Getting Closer

The road was dirt all the way to the top, very Uralable and with only a few really bumpy spots due to exposed rocks.  The slope going up wasn't too steep and Fiona didn't experience any issues.  I got to the top and got the requisite pic of the summit sign:

 That's Mount Guyot in the background

The summit area is unremarkable, with two trails evident.  One headed towards the Colorado Trail and Glacier Ridge and the other down from the pass and I'm told eventually reaching Breckenridge.  Both trails were described as tough and gnarly by a local who UDF'ed me while I took pictures.

Needless to say, I would be retracing my way back down the mountain!

 View of South Park from summit of Georgia Pass

Following the first UDF session, a group of three dualsport riders showed up and one of them UDF'ed me some more.  When the UDF finally ended, I saddled up and rode back the way I came.

One last view of Mount Guyot 

I returned to my campsite, did some small chores but generally relaxed.  Even managed to take a good nap though I think it's going to have to be a rare thing.  I had trouble falling asleep that night!

I did some recce riding with Yagi, my '06 TW200, checking out the campsites along the northern half of the main trail.  The place is starting to fill up I think, saw more tents and campers.  I did meander down FR 131, 821 and 132.  Nice areas to ride in but the only one with possible future campsites was FR131 and it would be a bit tricky to get Uma, the URRV in but doable I think.  

Saw nice sites along FR821 but the URRV wouldn't make it there due to ruts and road conditions.


RichardM said...

Do the dispersed camping areas fill up on weekends? Or are you far enough from the really populated areas?

CCjon said...

Nice loop today. Covid-Free areas for sure. Thanks fr sharing the ride.

redlegsrides said...

I suspect this area will be filling up this weekend RichardM, am pretty close to the Front Range and its cesspools.

redlegsrides said...

You’re welcome CCjon, thanks for commenting

SonjaM said...

I'd love to join that breakfast view, and again... no people. So envious ;-)

redlegsrides said...

And I envy the European Cities and sights you bring us, SonjaM! Thanks for the comments.