Saturday, May 30, 2020

A try at Hagerman Pass and Riding the Leadville Train

Friday, May 29

While Martha studied for her National School Nurse Certification in the URRV this morning, I rode out with Yagi, my '06 Yamaha TW200 to see how far I could get towards reaching Hagerman Pass.

I would end up going just over 3 miles past the "Hagerman Pass 7 Miles" sign near Turquoise Lake.  Things got muddy pretty fast around mile 3, the melting snow on the dirt road making things a bit interesting at times.

 The view towards the pass at the furthest point achieved by Yagi and I

Retracing my route, there was one spot where I went into full outrigger mode to negotiate the slippery melting ice and snow:

Back on the dry portion of the Lake County Route 4, I posed Yagi right about the same spot where I posed Valencia, my 2011 Ural Patrol back in August of 2012.

Made it back to the URRV with no issues and in time for a quick lunch before Martha and I got geared up and left for Leadville on Fiona, my '99 Ural Patrol.

We got to the Leadville Train Station in plenty of time for the 1PM departure time, so a few photos were taken:

The fare was $45/person for reserved table for two in the Private Car near the end of the train just before the caboose.  You're free to roam about the train though as it moves up and down the 9.5 mile route alongside the Arkansas River, up on the side of the mountain.

There were perhaps 30 people, at most, on the train so it was quite nice and uncrowded.  The conductor told Martha a busy train load would be about 100 people.

 The conductor had to give his tour/spiel through the confines
of a face mask.....such is the new now.

 Valley view, showing the Arkansas River Headwaters

 Mount Massive framed by nearby hills

 The Water Tower where passengers can disembark for a few minutes
to stretch their legs and take pictures.

 The tightest bend in the train route: Birdseye Curve

 Martha demonstrating Social Distancing

Upon our return to the Leadville Train Station, we motored on down towards Main Street to a nearby bakery where Martha secure dessert for tonight: Apple and Raspberry Turnovers!

A couple more murals:

 Ski Joring!
more info at

We headed on back to the campsite and while Martha relaxed in the URRV, I went out with Yagi again to explore the back trails near the campsite.  Found several sites occupied by campers of all sorts, from tent campers to fifth wheel trailers.  Some nice sites for future use were located as well and recorded by me.


Oz said...

The train ride looks great. I believe my wife and I would enjoy it. Spring in Colorado is so pretty.

redlegsrides said...

Indeed Oz, quite pretty, especially if uncrowded which has been the case so far......

SonjaM said...

I would have loved the crowd-less train ride. Still lots of snow up there but beautiful sights.

Bluekat said...

Oh my gosh, what a great day! A ride in the Ural and a train! Nice that it wasn’t crowded. Love the train + Ural pics. Nice combo

redlegsrides said...

Thanks SonjaM, the mountains do look so much better with snow on them.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Bluekat, it was a pretty good day....

Diamond Dave said...

Neither of you wore a mask??

redlegsrides said...

Diamond Dave, do you mean on the open air train? We had the masks but given the dearth of people....

Diamond Dave said...

Understood. Glad you took precautions when around people.

CCjon said...

Need to make a note of that train ride, beautiful, you both look very happy.

redlegsrides said...

It was a pretty good day CCjon, thanks for commenting