Sunday, April 05, 2020

More birds, more Uraling and a Sunset at the Hot Well Dunes Recreation Area

Another gloriously warm and sunny day.

All the noisy dirt biker and ATVs left last night, leaving the place very quiet.  The camp host said it was unusual for the weekend to be so quiet.  I'll take it!

Did some Uraling after breakfast but first, these birds presented themselves in the vicinity of the URRV and I got some decent pics that I then enlarged.

 I wonder if this is a female Cardinal?

 I believe this is the same Cardinal I saw yesterday

Ok, so then I went Uraling in the nearby dunes.

Near the common area by the hot tubs, I spotted this interesting area of heavily eroded rock formations:

So of course, I had to get closer for a good look:

By now it was past 11:00 AM and it was getting quite warm.  I went back to my campsite and after a leisurely lunch, spent the afternoon reading books in the shade of the campsite's trees and doing minor cleanup tasks on Fiona.

Even managed to work in a short nap once things had cooled down a little bit around 5:00 PM as I waited for the right time to head out for sunset pictures.

I exited the recreation area with Fiona and we went north a mile or so on Haekel Road till I saw a good flat spot to pose her off the side of the road.

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