Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Lotdocking at the Vogel Canyon Recreation Area

Tuesday, Nov 19:

Lotdocking: To camp in a parking lot.

I drove Uma, the URRV with Fiona in tow about 20 miles to the Vogel Canyon Recreation Area intending to camp in its parking lot.  The place is designed as a picnic area with about four metal roof shelters with concrete picnic tables.

There's about 4 hiking trails in the area and nothing for motorcycles so Fiona stayed tied up on the trailer as I explored the area on foot.

In the morning after setting up camp, I started off on the Canyon Overlook Trail (1 Mile) and segued onto the Canyon Loop Trail to check out the petroglyphs area.

 View of the canyon and the cliffsides where the petroglyphs are
from the Canyon Overlook

 Looking back towards the Canyon Overlook

 All I found was the vandalism left behing by dipshits

 Maybe a petroglyph?  Doubtful

 You can see the steps leading to the cliffs where the petroglyphs
were supposed to be

 At this point, I found none!

 Some colorful rocks on the way back to the parking lot along
the Canyon Loop Trail

Side view of the Canyon Overlook, it apparently used to stretch
out further back in the day

In the afternoon, after a late lunch, I went back to the petroglyph area to try and find the darn things.

 Glampsite in the parking lot

The afternoon sun light lit up the rocks rather nicely I thought:

 The cliff face where I finally found some of the petroglyphs

 A wider view of the cliff face with the petroglyphs, you have to get
really close to see them.

I decided to check out the Mesa Loop Trail after leaving the petroglyph area, it basically runs along the bottom of the canyon, headed towards the west.  

Along the way, I saw what appeared to be stone ruins, it looked like old walls of rocks stacked together:

 Old ruins?

 A peculiarly shaped rock formation that caught my eye on the
way back to the Canyon Overlook

By 4PM, it had cooled off quite a bit as the sun was hidden behind some low clouds, so I climbed back to the Canyon Overlook and took the trail back to the parking lot.

After putting away the solar panels, it was time to catch the sunset:

Headed home on Wednesday, there's snow forecasted for the Denver area on Thursday.


Bluekat said...

What a great place to explore. Terrible about the vandalism. Bad enough on buildings and what not but awful when it destroys something ancient and precious

redlegsrides said...

Terrible indeed Bluekat