Saturday, November 09, 2019

Boondocking in the Flagler State Wildlife Area (SWA)

Pretty small for one of Colorado's several State Wildlife Areas (SWA), Flagler does have 4 nice RV sized campsites easily reached on its dirt roads.

Friday, Nov 8, I started off at one next to a nice row of trees at the top of a dirt loop that made for easy access.

Got there shortly after Noon and spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the warmth of a sunny Colorado Fall Day, the sunset was pretty mild but had some nice color:

Saturday, Nov 9, was spent mostly fixing things on the RV, the major one being the supports for the potable water tank.  You see, I'd screwed up and left the vent valves for the tank closed while filling it a while back.  It caused the tank to overfill and I was fortunate at the time to catch it in time before it actually damaged the tank! 

I did the same thing again during the recent trip with Martha.....once again luckily catching it before damage was caused.

I did it once again preparing for this particular camping trip and this time I made sure to mark the valves as I'd confused which position was closed and which was open.  Dammit.

Having found a nicer camping spot yesterday, I moved the URRV over to it as it provided better cell signal for Internet access and it was truly a nicer spot.

I'd then examined the tank much more closely, after removing the metal shields protecting it from the wheel well.  The tank was lying off the rear supports and resting on the vehicle frame....not sure how long this had been the case but it wasn't something I could allow to continue.

The rest of the morning was spent under the RV, unscrewing metal support panels to allow movement of the tank into the rear supports; then, putting the front supports back on.  Of course, it's awkward and difficult to reach the screws some times, making me wish I had a power screwdriver.  I think I'll be picking one up soon after this camping trip!

Got the tank all secured, put some water in and it all seems good for now.  Will see how my repairs last.

Rest of the afternoon, I did some hiking in the woods nearby and just rested from my exertions in the morning working on the water tank!

 A small pond I passed by while hiking

 The new camping spot

 Another view of the campsite during the Golden Hour


RichardM said...

It may be worth while to route one of the overflow hoses up then back down and not have a valve. Then no risk of blowing out the tank.

redlegsrides said...

Hmmmm, great idea! There’s 3 of them, will look at it tomorrow and see if current tubes permit this. Thanks

CCjon said...

Looks like fall is saying its' last goodbye, I miss the four seasons. Nice photos.

Were you the only one camping?

redlegsrides said...

Thanks CCjon, and yes, just me, Martha was working....