Saturday, August 31, 2019

Replacing Yagi's Turn/Lights/Horn switch assembly

I'd mentioned in a previous post how I thought a malfunctioning turn signal switch had caused the TW200's main fuse to blow.

The control assembly had also gotten progressively worse to the point the horn button didn't work anymore and it was hard to turn off the turn signals.

So I ordered a generic one from Amazon, manufactured by Kawell and less than $9!  It's about $90+ for one from Yamaha.

Image source: Amazon
Link to switch -Amazon Affiliate Link

I've been home since Friday, had time today to retrieve Yagi from the RV Storage Yard and work on her switch control swap.

Pretty straightforward, you have to determine which color wires do what on each switch assembly, the old one and the new one.   Then match up the wires correspondingly, test, and when everything works as it should, make hopefully permanent connections and tidy things up.  No, color schemes don't match  up, at all.

Made a couple of mistakes, one cost me a blown fuse as I apparently hooked up wrong wires the first time; and the other was I wired the high beam switch setting to the low beam wire and vice versa.  Not difficult to correct as you might imagine.

For my reference, here's the wire combinations:

First, the headlight beam modes.  Sorry for the blurry picture, but not going to unwrap everything to retake the picture.  

Basically: Top is Yamaha (Y) wiring, bottom is Kawell (K) wiring.  

(Y)Green to (K)White
(Y)Yellow to (K)solid blue
(Y)Blue with black stripe to (k)Blue with white stripe.  

Note, these three wires on the Kawell side were "loose" and not used in the connector it came with, the connector isn't usable with the stock Yamaha connector.

Next come the turn signal and horn wires.  Again, Yamaha wires on the top and Kawell wires on the bottom.

(Y)Black to (K)Aqua (horn)
(Y)Pink to (K)Green (horn)

(Y)Dark Green to (K)Light Blue (Left Turn)
(Y)Brown with White stripe to (K)Gray (Turn signal off)
(Y)Brown to (K)Orange (Right Turn)

Here's what the switch control looks like, mounted on Yagi's handlebar.  Yeah, it's not push to cancel on the turn signal but then again, that didn't last long on the stock version of the control switch.


RichardM said...

$9 instead of $90. Worth the trouble to figure it out.

redlegsrides said...

You bet, it flows in with my cheap bastiche personality

CCjon said...

Good fix. Saving $$ is good, but knowing you fixed it yourself is better. Wrenching or even just fiddling in the garage on the rig is therapeutic for some, is for me. A satisfying productive evening is... I won't say working, as to me is not work, but servicing or adjusting the rigs, better time spent than watching TV.

How's the ankle?

redlegsrides said...

Thanks CCjon, the ankle remains quite swollen along with the foot but I can walk on it now with minimal pain.....and yes, garage therapy...good stuff

Kofla Olivieri said...

Recently I had to order a wire terminal kit with pliers to work on my restoration project. It's been very therapeutic to tinker with this old bike.

redlegsrides said...

Indeed Kofla Olivieri, thanks for commenting