Sunday, August 11, 2019

Home for a bit

Returned home today, rain in the forecast drove a lot of people out of the Rampart Range area as well.

Here's some pics from Saturday's sunset at Sunset Point Trail.

Some after-camping notes:

Some campers are swine, leaving behind garbage at campsites.  I picked up two shopping bags of trash at the site I stayed in.....this is why we can't have nice things and why government agencies shut down access to camping sites.

Rampart Range Road can swarm with dirt bike riders, takes some work to find a campsite away from the trails they frequent.

Next time, will try and get a site in the 20s-30s in terms of campsite numbers....better to find a site on east side of the road vs the west side where the dirt bike trails are located.

Camping without needing to find Cellular Internet access, nice.

Sunset Point Trail, it's OK for sunset pics but probably won't try it again.


CCjon said...

I like the calm tranquility of the second shot. Good depth, good job.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks CCjon

RichardM said...

Nice photos, especially the second one. I like the framing of the scene with the branch. People can be real slobs. Many of the campsites we’ve been to have trash left from previous occupants. Though the most common bit of trash seems to be cigarette butts. I think smokers believe they will decompose quickly though just looking around should shoot that down...

SonjaM said...

Once again you brought back lovely sunset pics, Dom.

To say that some people are swine would be offensive to the animal. Most of the time I carry a trash bag along on my ventures and pick up stuff other a-holes leave behind (as long as I am able to carry the weight that is...)

redlegsrides said...

Thank you SonjaM and RichardM....I was going to use the word assholes to describe the slobs who leave a campsite trashed, much more fitting.

Good idea re the bag while hiking SonjaM, saw some trash on the trails and it gets troublesome to carry it along with hiking gear.

As to cigarette butts, I find those most annoying. Find myself wishing cancer on whomever left them.