Thursday, May 16, 2019

T-Dubing in the Sand Flats Recreation Area

The Sand Flats Recreation Area, the northern entrance of which is located in the city of Moab, provides the local area with camping sites, slick rock and 4x4 Jeep trails and lots of room for hikes and such.

I rode there today to do a recon of the campsites and see as to their functionality for future use in terms of space and 4G cellular signal.

BLUF:  I only found one campground in the recreation area with decent signal, specifically Juniper 8.  The other campsites I stopped at were for cars and tents basically.  The large one full of big rigs had crap for signal, it was located at the entrance to the Slick Rock Bike Trail.

I kept on riding for about 11 more miles and came upon the Porcupine Rim Campground.  Good signal here but the sites are small, basically for tents.  The one redeeming point is that this is where Castle Valley Overlook is located.

It gives one a magnificent view of the valley below.  The valley is rightly named Castle Valley:

I think this spot is where Uralisti have posed their rigs at the cliff's edge and so I carefully moved Yagi next to the edge:

I left the overlook as over ten of the two and four person ATVs roared in within clouds of dust.  It got a lot more crowded very fast at the overlook!

Past the overlook, heading south, you soon leave the borders of the recreation area and enter the Manti-La Sal National Forest.  I found one site within 2/10s of a mile from Porcupine Rim that had great 4G signal and NO signage prohibiting camping.  Score!  I noted the info for possible future use.  There was also a nearby spot with slick rock for ground but it had crap for upload speeds; still a nice level site.

On the way back, I stopped now and then for pictures of rock formations, the La Sal peaks and views along Sand Flats Road.

Of note were the occasional sandy spot on the road which caused the front wheel to go briefly "squiggly", slowing down to less than the posted 25 MPH limit sufficed each time to stabilize things.  I figure I wouldn't have even noticed had I bothered to air down my tires, oh well.

Tonight's sunset was obscured by the clouds, turned out to be like a water color painting of sorts anyways:

I think I'm done with this area for this part of the glamping trip, I'll head back to Colorado tomorrow and depending on space in Rabbit Valley off of I-70, might overnight there Friday, and go to Hotchkiss for the Ural ralley on Saturday, we shall see.

As you can see in the pictures, some rainy weather clouds are moving in and the forecasters are calling for light rain and temperatures only in the low 70's next couple of days.


Andrew Thomson said...

Looks like a great play area. Sand sucks - on Sunday there was bit of deep fine dust in places which behaved a lot like sand - not fun on a 265kg Tenere...

redlegsrides said...

Yeah, Andrew, I’m starting to sense most riders don’t like loose sand much. :)

SonjaM said...

Great colour scheme, Dom.

redlegsrides said...

Danke SonjaM!