Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Rain, mud, lucky find and more rain


The rain that threatened yesterday arrived in the middle of the night.

Woke to wet ground and overcast skies.  After breakfast at a local cafe, Dan K decided to leave a day early for Moab, can't say I blame him.  The off pavement trails around here, being soaking wet, are not rideable!

After Dan left, I decided to try and find the lock which had bounced out of my unsecured top case yesterday afternoon on the trail where I did the test ride after Yagi's suspension work.

Did I mention things were wet and muddy?

I rode to the beginning of the trail, things didn't seem too bad but they rapidly went downhill as soon as I hit the trail.

Colorado mud contains Bentonite, which is very slick and creates thick claylike conditions.  Before I'd ridden 100 feet, Yagi had no real traction and I was in full duck walk mode.

I stopped, turned her around gingerly on her sidestand, and parked her on the side of the trail on the grass:

I then proceeded up the trail on foot, the slick clay building up under and around my riding boots.  Had to walk slowly not only to scan the ground for the missing lock but also to keep my footing!

I went perhaps 300 feet and back, no luck.  I decided one more round in the area where I'd spotted the metal file that had bounced out yesterday but I'd spotted then.

Lo and behold, there was the lock!

I got back on Yagi and duck walked her back to the beginning of the trail and about 25 feet beyond where there was not much much.

Spent perhaps 15 minutes scraping some of the mud of her wheels, especially where it had built up under the front wheel well!  The wheel could still roll due to my having raised the fender about an inch previously.

I rode slowly to the local car wash and spent probably more than the cost of replacing the darn lock on washing the thick clay and mud from Yagi.

The object of my compulsive need
to find lost objects.

Milo, another fellow Uralista, showed up around 3PM and we went over to spend some time BS'ing at Dana W's place.

An early dinner at the Taco Hut and we all separated as the weather continued overcast and cool.  No riding for the group today.  I'm not sure tomorrow will be any better since the ground will need time and sun to dry out.

I spent the rest of the day working and reading.


Andrew Thomson said...

Perhaps WOT would have helped...worth a try...

SonjaM said...

Wouldn't have thought you'd find the lock especially under these conditions.

redlegsrides said...

I probably should have bought a lottery ticket.

CCjon said...

That's the worse kind of mud, sticks to itself and build up, known to rip fenders off of bikes. Smart to stop when you did.

Thanks for sharing.

RichardM said...

Maybe you need to start carrying a pressure washer on the trailer. After all, that's why you have power and water o the RV, right?

redlegsrides said...

Indeed CCjon, the stuff is nasty!

redlegsrides said...

RichardM, better yet, avoid mud.....