Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Boondocking again at the Hugo SWA (State Wildlife Area)

The day started with one goal and after several factors ended up with me boondocking at the Hugo SWA, one of my favorite boondocking spots.

Late sunrise at Oil Well Flats BLM site

First I thought I'd find a spot to park near Pikes Peak and take Yagi up America's Mountain.  The search for a spot to leave the RV and trailer proved fruitless and after wasting some time on the southern portion of Rampart Range Road, the weather had moved in and going up the mountain was no longer attractive.

Note to self, the first 20 miles or so of Rampart Range Rd, starting from Garden of the Gods, doesn't allow camping!

Having given up on Pikes Peak, and finding the northern end of Rampart Range Road still closed till May; I ended up in Woodland Park and from there on US24 heading east towards Hugo.

 A cloudy afternoon after I got camp set up in 
Hugo SWA South Site

I relaxed a bit waiting for the sunset in the warmish weather, though there was the occasional breeze to remind one it isn't summer yet.

Hugo SWA South is the best of the three camping sites for sunset pictures don't you think?  It does pretty good for sunrise pictures as well, hopefully there will a chance for some.


Bluekat said...

Lovely photos, as always Dom :)
I like them all, but I love the sunstar on Yagi. Those ones are usually my favs

redlegsrides said...

Thanks very much Kari, sunstars are pretty easy....

SonjaM said...

Great spot to camp out, Dom. And +1 what Kari said.