Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Camping again at Boyd Lake State Park and later Boondocking again in Penrose

This past weekend, I drove the URRV towing Fiona, the '99 Bural with the Beemer engine to Boyd Lake State Park.  Martha was attending a nursing conference in nearby Loveland, CO so we decided to make it a camping weekend.

The weekend was cold and windy, not very enjoyable in terms of outside activities.

I did go riding out to Pinewood Reservoir as I did same time last year but no pictures really came out, I suggest you look at last year's post for pics if you wish.  LINK.

We did get a nice sunrise on Sunday:


While we did have a good time camping, I felt the need for more so after Martha left me to return home in her car, I headed south on the I-25 superslab, through the cesspool that is Denver, the secondary cesspool that is Colorado Springs and onto CO Hwy 115 towards Penrose, CO.

Monday, I rode back down to the spot I found in the earlier Penrose trip and got the one shot I missed the last time:

Instead of retracing my route along Fremont County Road 3 however, I continued westward on this road, negotiating about three technical spots in terms of road conditions but otherwise, not a bad road....just not maintained apparently!

After one wrong turn which ended up at a locked gate, I found County Road 3A and junctioned with US50 soon enough.

I road back towards town and got off at the turn for Skyline Drive to get some shots while there was little to no traffic, it being a Monday and all.

This viewpoint is near the big star installed by
the town at the top of the ridge.  That's Skyline
Drive as you look towards the North.

New campsite in Penrose BLM
Secluded but not very level.


RichardM said...

Wonderful colors in the sunrise photos! I really should at least look out the window as I’m usually up by sunrise here in AZ. I always have to level the trailer otherwise it feels like I’m walking on a boat. Plus, the fridge runs poorly if it’s too much our of level.

dom chang said...

I like the spot but even on four blocks I’ve got a definite tilt to the front. Oh well.

Jan Daub said...

thanks for posting photos of skyline drive. the only time i have been there as _hen you took the three Ural amigos up for a ride. great memories.

Is it easier to raise the front or the back _hen leveling?

Am losing use of some keys , time to get a ne_ keyboard.

dom chang said...

Jan, hah...yes time for a new keyboard. :)

The back is duallys, didn't have enough blocks.....