Saturday, March 10, 2018

Slow Week

Almost a week now since I returned from a short boondocking trip; ready to go again but there's other things to get done. 

The old Honda eu1000i generator continues to function but is burning oil, most likely it's getting past the rings on the engine's cylinder as I can't find any oil leaks.

I've my doubts I'll do the work on replacing the rings, guess I should do a compression test first but am thinking perhaps buying the 2000W Predator generator from Harbor Freight.

Or, buy a 200 Watt Solar Panel kit and charge my electronics and run the fridge (in propane mode) with that. 

Wednesday brought the first decent sunset of the week:

 Mount Evans

Denver, capital of the Stoner State

Thursday, March 8, a run to the data center took me past the Centennial Airport and a nice clear view of Mount Evans.

Thursday's sunset proved to be a bit more colorful:

 Stoner state capital city's skyline

 Mount Evans, highes summit of the Chicago Peaks
and one of the two mountains in Colorado you
can drive to the summit.

 A closer look at the sunset's last gasp of light

Longs Peak, northernmost fourteener in the Rockies
and tallest one in the RMNP.

Friday's sunset was not bad but low lying clouds over the Front Range mountains precluded much of a show:


BeemerGirl said...

Unless you need to run the air conditioner, go for the solar panels. They have been great on the trailer...when the temps don't go down to 32F every night. :)

Beautiful sunset photos! Love the Chicago Peaks set.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks BeemerGirl, decided to “dip my toe” into solar power but not use a lot of money for now....future post to follow with details.

RichardM said...

I would agree but still, think that more battery would make the solar more useful. I think the only large consumer of propane (and battery power) is the RV furnace. Even on an older trailer with 20# tanks, one tank was sufficient for about 2 weeks of fridge and stove. The furnace would use it up in one day plus run the single battery to just about dead.

With the 4 batteries, the furnace and inverter will draw them down to about 80% overnight. With reasonable sun, the charge controller is on absorption by about 1pm. It usually never really gets to float if the furnace runs during the day. Otherwise, float by 4pm.

redlegsrides said...

RichardM, battery capacity would be nice but weight and space are issues unless I go AGM and that is pricey. I rarely run onboard furnace cuz it seems to use more propane than the catalytic heater and for sure uses a lot of power to run the blowers.

Trobairitz said...

Those low clouds do bring some drama to the sunset party. Very nice.

"The Stoner State" is that a new state motto for Colorado with legalization? I don't know as if Oregon has really noticed much change other than we have homeless coming to the state because "weed is legal". A friend renting an apartment south of Portland is having trouble with her neighbors smoking it and it permeating her apartment. Of course the building is all no smoking, but that doesn't seem to matter if it isn't enforced.

Has Colorado noticed any big changes?

redlegsrides said...

Well Trobairitz, since you asked about changes here since becoming the Stoner State:

1. increased and easier access to pot by kids.
2. school districts refuse to accept the "drug money" generated by taxing sales of pot.
3. tax goals aren't being met as folks just get a "prescription" to buy pot which is not taxed.
4. more incidents of DUIs while stoned.
5. like your state, stoners smoke their pot in prohibited locations, and no enforcement.
6. At first, our bordering states' state patrols were stopping Colorado cars on suspicion of bringing in pot to their state. Not sure if that's going on anymore.
7. weed shops damn near on every major intersection now....hell, there's one less than 1 mile from my house.

SonjaM said...

Lovely sunset pics, Dom. I wonder, is it easy for you to settle into a home routine after having been on the road, and out camping for a while?

redlegsrides said...

Thanks SonjaM, I find myself thinking about camping when at home. The Home routine is boring and venues for pictures exhausted, at least, within my current situation.