Monday, March 19, 2018

Day 3 of Boondocking at the Hugo SWA

It was a very windy and cold night last night, as a winter storm's western edge brushed across the area I was camped at near Hugo, Colorado.

Positioning the URRV pointing south worked perfectly to mitigate the effect of strong winds from the north, winds that would blow strongly through the entire day until early evening when they softened.

This was the campsite as I woke, it was 30°F (-1.1°C) and what I will call a dusting of snow was on the ground and vegetation.  The skies were gray and overcast, with the sun not really making an appearance till closer to Noon.

It being a Monday, I spent it working online at various tasks and issues.  The cold outside was not inviting and I worked through lunch all the way till 4PM.  The skies had cleared starting at Noon and by 4PM there were just scattered clouds in the sky.

Soon after 6PM, I motored out on Scarlett to look for sunset picture locations even though the clouds presaged a rather mild sunset.

We rode over to the /South and Middle campsites of the Hugo SWA but didn't really find good locations for sunset pictures.

 To give you an idea of the big sky views in the Colorado
Eastern Plains

So Scarlett and I ended up at the same spot as last evening for the mild sunset conditions that ensued as temperatures dropped once again.

Returning to the RV campsite, I spotted Uma's reflection in the now still waters of the small lake:

The above two shots were of course taken with the aid of my tripod, low light conditions and a desire to have a low ISO demanded it.  Still, they came out ok.

The solar panels did "ok" given the weather conditions but I still had to run the onboard generator for an hour after dark to top off the house battery for the night.

The Honda generator was tried first, but it had once again run low on oil and I didn't feel like putting in more, as darkness gathered and the cold temperature started soaking through my riding gear.

I'll be displacing tomorrow to a different SWA along I-70 for one more day of boondocking I think.  I like the Hugo SWA area, it's worth putting on the "return to someday" list.

Update: March 21.  Cell coverage at Flagler SWA was near non-existant for Verizon service anyways.  Went home early.


Trobairitz said...

Brrr that is a chilly morning. The frosty ground looks so different from the glow of the afternoon.

Good job spotting the reflection of Uma. I like that photo best.

redlegsrides said...

Once the winds dies down, Trobairitz, it’s not too bad....thanks

RichardM said...

I like the "big sky view". Quite different from most of your photos,. Did you end up leaving the slide in all day?

Diamond Dave said...

Bleak, like Siberia....

redlegsrides said...

RichardM, what, the sunset shots are not big sky enough? :)

Diamond Dave, there is an extreme lack of non-prarie scenery, I'll grant you that...pretty sure Siberia is much worse.

RichardM said...

No, the sunset photos are much different from the daytime panorama.

redlegsrides said...

Oh I see what you mean RichardM, yeah, I'd cropped out the higher portions of the sky on those was just empty space that held no appeal to me at the time. Oh well.