Saturday, February 18, 2017

Scarlett is Back!

Today I drove Martha's car with trailer to go fetch Scarlett, my 2014 Ural Patrol with what is basically a new engine.

As you might remember, her engine had seized at the end of last year while we were in Texas and we'd towed her home using Umarang the URRV.  The beginning of the year was a very busy time for Randy, the premier Colorado URAL dealer and so he wasn't able to get to Scarlett until a week or so after I dropped her off.

Her engine was sent to Ural HQ in Redmond, WA where it was determined the big end bearing for the right-side connecting rod had failed, causing the engine to lock up.  More details on what was replaced by the rebuild done by the renowned Sergey of Ural here: LINK

Randy received the engine back from URAL on Thursday of this past week and Randy had her basically ready to go by late Friday.

Got to Randy's shortly after they'd opened and we chatted a bit about the repairs, the planned get together at Moab, UT this year and just whiling away about an hour pleasantly.  Soon though, it was time to load Scarlett up onto the trailer and take her home.

Once home, I put her back together in terms of gear, baggage and sprucing up some wiring that had gotten disconnected during the engine removal.  I checked all her fluids and it was time to begin her break-in riding period.  The next 1000 km had to be done at varying speeds, with speeds not above 60 mph and no lugging or overloading the engine.

 Views of Mount Evans

 Cloudy skies and warm weather still being enjoyed here

After running an errand, it was time to go see what kind of a sunset was going to welcome Scarlett home that evening:

 Denver about 20 minutes before sunset

 Mount Evans

Scarlett's engine sounded very good along with her new clutch pack.  Randy did discover a class 1 (seepage) leak on the pusher brake line so he's ordered a replacement.  Whether I replace it or he does is still to be decided, but it'll be a warranty coverage item as well.

My thanks again to Randy, and the team at URAL HQ for once again standing behind their product and fixing things for Scarlett under their great warranty program!

Mileage note: Engine seized at 41669 km.  I'll drive Scarlett in "break in" mode for the next 1000 km plus a bit more.  I'll consider the engine broken in at 42700 km on the odometer.

Update: Sunday: A couple of views of Pikes Peak from CO Hwy 83 and Lorraine Road:


RichardM said...

You must mean 42700 km.

Time to continue the road trip!

Learning to Golf said...

Welcome home Scarlett! I think you mean 42,700 km to be broken in, don't you?

redlegsrides said...

RichardM and AZ AD, thanks for the catch, I've corrected it to 42,700.

As to restarting the road trip....we'll see.

SonjaM said...

Happy ending! Redleg and Scarlett riding into the sunset.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks for commenting SonjaM, hopefully the engine will be trouble free for a while...

Paul Stone said...

Glad to see Scarlett back in action !

redlegsrides said...

you and me both Paul Stone, you and me both!

CCjon said...

Welcome Home Scarlett, you were missed!

redlegsrides said...

Thanks CCjon, how's the KLR rig doing?

Trobairitz said...

Hooray for the return of Scarlett. Did you give her a pat and tell her how much you missed her?

redlegsrides said...

She was welcomed home by a thorough check of the fluids, hanging on of gear and going endearing noises....she's got to earn trust again you see.

but yeah, am glad to have her back.

BeemerGirl said...

What a lovely welcome home for Scarlett.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks BeemerGirl, hopefully it'll be a long time before she goes in for major repairs again. Most likely one more repair, a slight leak on pusher tire brake line (under warranty) and then in March, all her repairs are on my tab from that point on.