Thursday, January 12, 2017

Speedometer alternative for Fiona and Scarlett

Probably precipitated by the recent cold weather, the speedometer for Fiona had begun to exhibit the dreaded "winshield wiper" effect this week.

Attempts to lubricate the cable seemed to make it worse.  Now the speedometer pegs out at the far right limit of travel when moving at any speed.

So today I did a proof of concept, using the Ram mount I had onhand for the Garmin Nuvi GPS (which had been serving as a speedometer anyways for long trips) and my iPhone with a free speedometer app.

The test was successful, it worked great.  I'll postpone the taking apart of the wonky speedometer for now since the odometer and tripmeter appear to be working fine, it's just the needle that's OTL (Out To Lunch)

I've this more secure RAM mount coming from Amazon for the long term:

source: Amazon

Update on Scarlett: Randy, the URAL dealer up at Fort Collins has started looking at it, but it appears he's going to have to remove the engine from the rig.  That's all I have for now.

Update: Re-purposed an old iPhone4 to do same thing.  Works fine but not tested for extended time in sub-freezing temperatures yet.  iPhones tend to shutdown when on battery power when it gets cold enough even though there might still be life in the battery.


Learning to Golf said...

I've always wondered what all those little bungees I have could be used for. Fiona sounds kind of serious, hope that isn't the case.

redlegsrides said...

The older Russian speedometers were known to eventually go into windshield wiper mode AZ AD, its just the way they are.

The ones that will come with the 2017 are digital and "mo better" supposedly but doubt they'll be retrofittable since they probably get their data from the ECUs on the EFI computers.

RichardM said...

I would consider disconnecting the cable to avoid ruining the speedometer. But then again, Mickey said that the speedometer was a cheap part when I had it replaced under warranty.

redlegsrides said...

if I disconnect the speedo cable, what gives input to the odometer and tripmeter?