Monday, January 30, 2017

Cañon City near Sunset

Left the house at 11:35AM Sunday, driving Umarang the URRV and towing Fiona, the '99 Bural on the trailer.

The day's destination wasn't far, an RV site in the Cheyenne Mountain State Park near Colorado Springs.  Sites were allocated as first come, first serve and I managed to snag one easily enough, a pull through with full hookups.  $56 for two nights, pretty cheap considering the location near Pikes Peak and Cañon City's Skyline Drive.

Got myself settled in and by 3:30 PM or so, I was headed towards Cañon City via CO Hwy 115, about 35 miles away.  Got there in plenty of time to get some shots of Fiona along Skyline Drive while the sun made ready to set behind the mountain range to the west of the road we were on.

 Looking south

It was right about this time that I discovered one of the hand grip covers lying by the guard near the final drive!  Damn.  It then dawned on me why this woman in a car had gestured urgently back behind me while I was approaching Cañon City!  My waterproof jacket liner had disappeared from Fiona's tub!

It's going to be a cold ride back in the dark back to the RV site I thought to myself then.

Looking north, that's US50 down there.

I didn't stick around for the sunset, and headed out of Cañon City along US50, hoping against hope to spot my lost jacket.  Damned if I didn't do something right recently, for there it was, crumpled up against one of the highway guard rails near the junction with US67!  Hah!

Jacket recovered, I proceeded to a gas station in nearby Penrose where I donned the jacket as things were starting to cool down a bit!  I filled up Fiona's tank and off we went for the remaining 25 miles or so back to Colorado Springs.

I kept watching my rear view mirrors, seeing how the disappearing sun was really starting to paint the western sky in some nice colors.

Once the setting sun's rays finally didn't reach above the western horizon though, it got pretty dark pretty fast.  Still, Fiona and I made it back to the Springs with no issues and no close encounters with deer.

Got myself dinner at Subways and checked in with Martha, Fiona did great by the way.

A portion of the lights of Colorado Springs, from the RV site.


Anonymous said...

Glad you found your liner - someone was looking out for you! Great ride and images too....I always love going up Skyline Drive.

SonjaM said...

Skyline Drive, it's spectacular every time, Dom. Isn't it supposed to be winter? Where is the snow?

You were darn lucky to find your jacket liner, and didn't have to ride 'home' in the cold.

Oz said...

Awesome photos again. Ever think about photographing sunrises? I love watching the mountains come alive in the mornings.

RichardM said...

Have you looked into something like Passport America? Off season rates are about 50% off. I like your city lights view.

redlegsrides said...

Motoventures, somebody sure was! You'd think I'd learn that with the old style tarps, stuff can work its way out! Thanks.

SonjaM, thanks and there sure wasn't any snow in the area was there? Darn lucky is right!

redlegsrides said...

RichardM and Thomas Osburn, sorry for the late publishing of your comment.

Once we go fulltime RichardM, we may check into Passport America and other such programs.

As to sunrise pictures Thomas Osburn, the hard part is getting up that early. I have done a 16 sunrise postings, very few. Just click on Sunrise in the categories list.