Sunday, July 31, 2016

Mount Evans Blues

In an effort to battle the recent spate of riding ennui, Scarlett and I rode out to Mount Evans as it had been almost ten months since the last time I was there for sunset pictures.

It was also, a way to ride and escape the heat, somewhat.

I left the house at 6AM and it was already 78 degrees Fahrenheit in the Metro Denver area, which took me about the normal 50 minutes to traverse using I-25 and I-70.  Fueled up in Idaho Springs and from there it was not long before I was riding past the still closed fee station for Mount Evans at 7:30 AM.

Since the road up Mount Evans is Colorado Highway 5, you technically don't have to pay to ride on it, but if you use any of the facilities then it's best to pay.

Scarlett and I rode to the top, following a couple of cagers who drove like they were scared of the edge of the road.  So that if there's no guardrails I say!  Eventually, we all got there and I distanced myself from the cagers.

 The summit sign has been upgraded.

I didn't linger in the summit parking lot after the above picture, it was time to start back down the mountain and stop where I could safely to take pictures.

Not a bad day in terms of clear skies, a bit hazy for distant mountain peaks but not bad at all.  I stopped where I could, trying for different angles this time, though I am sure the steady readers among you will find some familiar angles being used.

 The above pic shot with the monopod extended above me and
using the wifi-remote control app on the Sony camera.

 There are some lovely hairpin turns on Mount Evans Road.

 Stopped by a small pond, hoping for a good reflection but 
settled for a view of the rocks under the water surface

I titled this posting Mount Evans Blues, due to the many scenic blue graduated mountain ridges one could see today.  I hope you like them, there was definitely post-processing involved to get them to come out as they did!

 Approaching the Summit Lake Area

As you can see in the following photos, the clouds were moving in from the West, we're expecting rain in the Metro Denver area today (and we sure need it).

 View of a small cloud burst just before the foothills area I think.

Temperatures had been in the high 60s Fahrenheit while cruising up and down Mount Evans Road so I had doffed my riding jacket liner.  Once Scarlett and I safely made it back to the Metro Denver area, temperatures soared up into the low 90s and I would see the onboard thermometer report 96 degrees Fahrenheit as the high just before I got home.

However, as I rode the last few miles home, a wasp flew right up my right sleeve jacket and of course decided to sting me.  It felt like someone introduced a hot needle into my arm.  I batted at my right sleeve with my left hand and finally killed it.

Once I got home, off came the riding jacket and out came the dead culprit:

Luckily, I appear to not be too sensitive to wasp stings as the welt on my arm has not swollen up much.  I'd experience such "hot needle" stings before but not found the culprits upon stopping.  Now I know.

A good day of riding, not too many encounters with idiot cagers along the way, and nothing broke on Scarlett which is always a plus!


Shaun Pond said...

Nice shots from a great prospect -- thank you for posting them.

RichardM said...

Beautiful photos. We all need our "fix" of CO mountain scenery...

VStar Lady said...

I did indeed like "Mount Evans Blues," it was 'art class' mountain perfect: however, you park Charlotte far too close to edge for my liking - sometimes. (Guardrails, aren't they just high enough to really launch you well if you hit them right?)

redlegsrides said...

Shaun Pond, thanks...trying to not just shoot the same angles each time. This will be the 13th time I've been up Mount Evans on a motorcycle/rig.

RichardM, thanks, glad you liked your "fix".

VStar Lady, I wasn't that close was I? I'll admit there's been times when I probably was too close but never to the point of falling off. Guardrails in this case would just narrow the road even more I think. Some folks just shouldn't be on mountain roads, several examples were there that day. I am sure you'd do fine on your motorcycle.

Oz said...

Mt. Evans is such an exhilarating road to ride. I have been up 3 times and each time has been different (sunny, sleet and windy). The views are world class and the road can be scary at times. Your photos capture the mountain and views very well. For those who have never ridden up, they really need to. It is awesome.

redlegsrides said...

thanks for commenting Thomas Osburn, this was my 13th time I think, and it was still quite enjoyable though really I must seek other mountains besides this one and Pikes Peak. Of course, these are the only two in Colorado that have a paved road to the summit.

SonjaM said...

Great job on the blue mountain pics, Dom. Nicely done.

Wasp stings hurt like hell, and can be very distracting when riding a bike (or a car...). Glad you aren't allergic, and a quick healer. I certainly would have suffered for days...

redlegsrides said...

thanks SonjaM, definitely distracting when a wasp is inside your riding jacket! The sting has swollen up a bit and is itchy, but that's about it.

Trobairitz said...

The blues of the mountains came out really nice. Good job on editing to enhance them.

Glad you weren't sensitive to the wasp sting. Ouch.

redlegsrides said...

thanks Trobairitz, the swelling has increased a bit but not too bad.

Anonymous said...

Great images and glad the wasp incident wasn't more serious! I am hoping to ride Mt. Evans in about 3 will be my first time up there.

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

Dom, I've only driven up, never ridden. Thanks for reminding me of how much fun it would be to do it the right way next time!

redlegsrides said...

Coop, the mountain awaits....

redlegsrides said...

motoventures, thanks and do let me know when you're in town, we could at least meet for coffee perhaps?