Saturday, July 02, 2016

Back home and a good Sunrise

Didn't have the most pleasant experiences coming back home from Great Britain, the worst part being the flight between Chicago and Denver, I really must find myself some Prozac before I board my next flight, then all the stupidity, inconsiderateness, selfish, uncaring behavior I saw in the airports and planes would just be ignored by me hopefully.

Woke up at 3:21 AM, jet-lag of course, so I geared up at around 5:00 AM after having had coffee to go catch the sunrise.

Didn't quite catch the best part of the sunrise, let's just say #2 son failed to keep up on the rotation of the trickle charger among the motorcycles.

After jump-starting Scarlett, my 2014 Ural Patrol Sidecar Rig, so glad I bought that portable jump-starter unit; I headed out for the parking lot to the south of Buckley Air Force Base as the sun was basically rising from the NE this time of year.

As I rushed onwards, I could see the clouds lit up in a gorgeous orange color before the sun itself made an appearance, unfortunately, the battery problems I encountered left me out of position.

By the time I got to the right spot, the sun had come out and the pre-sunrise glow reflected on the clouds was gone.  Dammit.

So glad to be back home and in control of my transportation needs once again.


RichardM said...

Welcome back and your flight experience proved that you were really home…

I like that sunrise photo. Beautiful colors.

Does your battery really run down in a month? What's drawing power?

redlegsrides said...

That's a good question RichardM, unsure where the drain is being caused.All my accessories are wired to "switched hot" relays. I've noticed that even minimum use of the headlight when shooting sunset pics can cause a sufficient drain to cause a need to "jump start it" sometimes.

Maintenance spreadsheet doesn't show I've ever replaced the battery, perhaps it's time for a new one though it recently passed the voltmeter checks.

RichardM said...

I noticed on my trip to Seward that the battery voltage had dropped some. The installed battery is from Jed's 2015 as he had an automotive battery installed in the sidecar. So it's only a year old. I was just hoping that it wasn't something with the charging system.

Trobairitz said...

Glad you made it home safe and sound.

Did you fire number 2 son from battery tending?

redlegsrides said...

Why yes, Trobairitz, he was initially fired...but now, with remedial training and more chores, might be more concientious the next time.

SonjaM said...

Welcome home, Dom. You need to instruct your maintenance crew a bit better for next time ;-)

redlegsrides said...

Training has been administered SonjaM, he now understands that the other end of the cable has to be actually plugged in.