Saturday, May 14, 2016

Utah Gathering: Work and Fishing

Woke in time to catch the sunrise as it illuminated Timpanogo Mountain, I'd positioned the camera on a tripod and got part of a time-lapse (battery died).

The morning was spent on briefings and meetings, as we were brought up to date on the company's progress and plans.

Sundance Resort

After lunch, we met with our fly fishing guides provided by Rocky Mountain Outfitters.  Leslie, the company's server admin and I formed one team under the guidance of Jayden who would be teaching us the art of fly fishing.

Oh, and moto-content....I rode Scarlett back down from my cabin, giving a ride to two of my rode pillion, the other in the sidecar.  You should have seen the looks we got from the fishing guides.  Sorry, but no pics.

We got geared up in rubber waders and boots which would keep us dry and warm in the cold snow melt water in the nearby river.

I had my doubts at the beginning but it turned out to be a lot of fun learning how to fly fish, casting one's line (after much trial and error).  Jayden proved a very capable and patient teacher and soon enough both Leslie and I were casting beyond our wildest expectations.

Bottom line, we spent about 4 hours in the river and we caught 8 and a half fish between the two of us.  I say half because one of the fish was a really tiny trout.  It was a combination of Rainbow and Brown trout, averaging perhaps 8-10 inches I would say.

We were so surprised by the first few fishes that we caught that no pictures were taken before they slipped away after being unhooked by Jayden.  Once we got over the shock of actually catching fish, I got some pictures:


RichardM said...

Nice sunrise video. And nice fishing. It was all catch and release?

I tried fly fishing a couple of times until someone slammed the truck door on my fly rod. Then, no more fly fishing. One of the new guys who occasionally comes to morning coffee is an expert at fly fishing. Complete with a lot of articles in fishing publications.

redlegsrides said...

All catch and release RichardM though I understand you can keep up to two per day as long as they're under 15"

SonjaM said...

What an interesting outcome of a company meeting... learning how to fly fish. I guess it's all about learning a lesson in patience while trying not to freeze you feet off standing in the cold water.

redlegsrides said...

Boarddocs is all about delivering what is called the Boarddocs experience, all these things we do when gathered lead towards that I Think. The water was fine, we had waterproof gear on.